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Credit Center

Bad credit doesn’t have to stop you from owning the motorcycle of your dreams. Do you know your credit score? If you plan on financing your next motorcycle purchase, it’s very important that you get a current copy of your credit score.

Reporting agencies make mistakes on credit reports, so check your credit score and report with our partners. Use the tools provided to ensure that reporting errors don’t increase your interest rate or that your motorcycle financing application isn’t denied.

Understand, build and manage your credit

Credit plays an important role in your life - affecting whether you can purchase a motorcycle & much more. The more insight you have about credit, the easier it is to strengthen your financial well-being. For more than a decade, Experian has been America's number one provider of credit report information.

In addition to credit reports, Experian offers guidelines to help you successfully manage your credit rating and protect against credit card fraud to help you begin your first steps to buying a motorcycle regardless of whether you are buying a new or used bike.

Everything you need to know about credit

Visit the Motorcycle Loans and Finance Center for information to finance your Harley-Davidson, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Triumph or any other motorycle. wants you to be an educated consumer when financing your motorcycle purchase. Once you learn your credit score, you can make better decisions when choosing between Dealer Financing, OEM Financing, using a credit card or taking out a personal loan. Buyers that have low credit scores will typically see interest rates up to 15%. Consumers with good credit can sometimes qualify for 0% manufacturer or OEM financing. After you find out what your interest rate will be, figure out your monthly motorcycle payments using our Loan Payment Calculator.