Witness Information Is Crucial After A Motorcycle Accident

January 17, 2013 -- Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys

While it may seem obvious to most that witness information is important when you’re involved in a traffic accident, we are often surprised at how frequently this information slips through the cracks. Not too long ago, a downed motorcyclist sustained a significant leg injury after putting his bike down to avoid hitting a vehicle that turned left in front of him against a red arrow.

The motorcyclist neglected to get identifying information from several favorable witnesses, including one who chased down the other driver. The offending driver told the motorcyclist that he was distracted and did not see the light turn red. He also told him that he had plenty of insurance and would cooperate in getting the bike fixed and getting any medical expenses paid.

There were several witnesses at the scene who saw the other driver run the red light, but the motorcyclist did not take their identifying information because the other driver admitted fault at the scene. By the time the police arrived, the witnesses had left. Unfortunately, the other driver changed his story, claiming the motorcyclist ran the red light. Although the case eventually resolved, without the eyewitnesses’ account, it was an extremely difficult battle.

The bottom line is — irrespective of what the other driver says or what anybody else says for that matter, always get identifying information from favorable witnesses. This includes not just cell phone numbers, but home and business telephone numbers and addresses if at all possible. If necessary, enlist the aid of a bystander to assist you.

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