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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for answers to the most frequently asked questions when buying or selling a motorcycle on Cycle Trader? Check out our Motorcycle FAQ for what our customers want to know.


How can I sell a vehicle on

Get started selling your motorcycle on CycleTrader here. Individuals can post a classified ad on our site using our Place an Ad feature. Click on the Place an Ad link on the homepage or on the left-hand side of any page and forms will walk you through the process. Dealers are invited to use our Dealer Tool to start selling today as well.

What is "My Place an Ad"?

If you have placed an ad on our site for a bike for sale, you may use this feature to view the ad, modify or delete it all from one easy-to-access location.

What if I want to change the price or something else about my ad?

Through Place an Ad, you have the option of selecting the tool that allows you to modify your existing ad. To do this, you will have to have your password and user ID. We send you this information in an e-mail when you complete the Place an Ad form. Hold on to that e-mail! You can also delete your ad here after you sell your motorcycle.

Can I change the item for sale in my ad?

Once the item that was originally advertised has been sold, you will need to remove their ad from the website. Any remaining time cannot be used to advertise a different item. You cannot change the year, make or model of an item after the ad has been active for 24 hours.

Scams & Frauds FAQs

What are the latest internet scams that I should know about?

You can find the latest news and updates about various internet scams at the Federal Trade Commission.

I received a suspicious inquiry for the bike I am selling. Where can I get help?

If you receive a suspect sales lead or inquiry, please forward to [email protected] and one of our representatives will be able to guide you. You can also visit our Security Center online at where you will find helpful tips on how to protect yourself as an online seller.

I think I may have been a victim of an internet scam or fraud. What should I do now?

You should contact the following authorities to report any incidence of internet scams or fraud.

You should also consider checking your local government's website for filing internet complaints.