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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for answers to the most frequently asked questions when buying or selling a motorcycle on Cycle Trader? Check out our Motorcycle FAQ for what our customers want to know.


What is My Trader?

CycleTrader offers affordable, competitive pricing that provides wide exposure for the motorcycle or item you are selling, and offers effective enhancements to improve the chances of a buyer noticing your Ad. Therefore, we do not offer refunds on advertising fees once an ad has been activated.

At your request, we will:

  • Correct any mistakes we have made in the ad at no charge
  • Correct mistakes that you made during submission of the ad at no charge
  • Make enhancements to your ad for an additional charge
  • CyleTrader will only provide a refund for the following reasons:
    • Your Ad has not been posted and you wish to cancel the Ad; OR
    • You mistakenly ordered and paid for duplicate Ads through CycleTrader and wish to cancel, and obtain a refund on, the duplicate(s) only. CycleTrader will not, however, provide a refund on the original Ad.

What is a saved search?

The Saved Searches feature allows you to fill out our popular search form just once, save it and run that specific search anytime with a single click. You may save as many searches as you like and can modify and delete them at will. To get started, just click on the "Add" link under Saved Searches and fill out the form. Note that this form allows you to set the search so that results are emailed to you regularly. All search criteria are optional.

Buying Online

How do I buy a motorcycle on

Cycle Trader connects consumers to dealers and private sellers. Browse the nationwide online marketplace of new and used motorcycles by make, model, year, price and more. You can view photos and videos on the listings, then reach out to the seller for more information. When you're ready to buy, you can set up financing virtually and have your bike delivered directly to your door.

How do I know my personal information is secure?

We do our best to provide you with a safe and convenient shopping experience. We have in place certain safeguards to protect the security and privacy of your personal information.

When you enter your personal information on our websites, we use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to protect your information as it is transmitted to us. To make sure you are accessing our secure server before you submit personal financial information, look at the lower left-hand corner of your browser. If you see an unbroken key or a closed lock (depending upon your browser), then SSL is active. To double-check for security, look at the URL or Location line of your browser. If you have accessed a secure server, the first characters of the address in that line should change from “http” to “https.”

Credit, Financing, & Insurance FAQs

What financing options are available?

The five most popular types of financing options are Dealer Financing, OEM Financing, Online Lenders, Banks & Credit Unions, and Credit Cards. For more information on financing, visit our Credit Center.

Do I need motorcycle insurance?

A certain amount of liability insurance is required in every state and the District of Columbia for motorcycle owners. The precise amount of minimum liability insurance varies state-to-state.

What does motorcycle insurance cover?

A standard motorcycle insurance policy offers bodily injury and property damage liability. This covers at least a portion of the costs associated with damage to your bike. You can customize your policy to offer more comprehensive coverage.

Scams & Frauds FAQs

Wish to report suspicious activity by a seller?

To report suspicious activity, please contact's Customer Service Team at [email protected] or call 1-866-302-2218.

I received a suspicious response from a Cycle ad on your site. How can I determine if it is a legitimate deal?

Forward any suspect response you receive to [email protected]. One of our representatives will be able to advise you. You can also visit our Security Center online at Here you will find helpful tips on how to protect yourself as an online buyer.

I think I may have been a victim of an internet scam or fraud. What should I do now?

You should contact the following authorities to report any incidence of internet scams or fraud:

You should also consider checking your local government's website for filing internet complaints.

What are the latest internet scams that I should know about?

You can find the latest news and updates about various internet scams at the Federal Trade Commission.