2015 Kawasaki NINJA H2R

Used Competition Motorcycle in Santaclara, CA 95051



  • Condition: Used
  • Year: 2015
  • Make: Kawasaki
  • Model: NINJA H2R
  • Category: Competition
  • Type: Motorcycle
  • Location: Santaclara, CA

Description & Comments

H2R ! yes! for sale, real! you can buy and pick it up today! not wait for 8 mount from the factory
just has 99 miles on it without any issued, the bike looks like brand new. (may ride it more until time of sale) 

this bike is imported one and can be register in most of the states. 
this bike is EPA approved for track only, you may register it in most of the states with out issue (check by your self) i know in Montana and Wyoming the registeration have less than 300$ charge.

I can  modify this bike for street legal for most countries also , the headlight, mirrors, turn signals, number plate holder, tires, must change . I can do it for 1000$ for you. but as i heared it is not able to register in Ca . registration will be by you. i do just technical job. 

it comes with:
great 400 page service manual, owner's manual 
OEM tools
great NiNJA coffee table book (Value 800$)
front and rear OEM H2R Kawasaki Stands (value 1800$)
tire warmer (value 900$)
the bike imported and ready to register in your name. 
can ship all over the world for just 3000$ (include insurance) in 3-5 days. 

 NINJA, H2r , H2, Panigale, Ducati, Kawasaki, RCV213, motogp, supercharged, turbocharged, 1299r

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