2014 Yamaha XV1300 $4,500

Used Cruiser Motorcycle in St. Paul Park, MN 55071 Negotiable


  • Condition: Used
  • Year: 2014
  • Make: Yamaha
  • Model: XV1300
  • Category: Cruiser
  • Type: Motorcycle
  • Location: St. Paul Park, MN
  • Mileage: 4,100
  • Primary Color: Metallic Red
  • Engine Size: 1,304 cc
  • Engine Type: V-Twin

Description & Comments

I have for sale a nice 2014 V-Star 1300.  I bought it new-old-stock in May of last year - it's only about 2 weeks out of warranty.  Mileage is just under 4100, this will go up marginally as I ride it on nice days when I'm not riding my Super Tenere!

Mechanically and structurally, it's very sound.  It's literally too new to have gone wrong.  Belt is in excellent shape, tires still have plenty of tread left, and brake pads are still in great shape, too.  Runs strong, transmission and engine are a joy to use.  This is my first and only cruiser so far, and despite it being excellent for running around and joy-riding, I've got new car plans, so this may have to go!

The down-side is that I had a minor low-speed drop of the mtoorcycle.  it was slow enough where the tank or airbox, or bar end never even came in contact with the ground.  The only scuffing on anything was some very minor abrasions on the muffler (which many folks will want to switch out anyway!), the ball on the end of the clutch lever (clutch lever isn't even bent), the throttle cable star wheels (weird!), the bottom of the right floorboard (still not bent or misshapen), and a very minor abrasion on the very front lip of the front fender, which was touched up with ColoRite touch-up pens.  Pictures show what little damage there is.  I've got room to move on the price a bit because of these things. 

This aside, the bike still looks stellar, and rides as well as it did new.  Come and check it out for yourself - I'm in the Southeast suburbs of St. Paul, near highway 61.

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