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motorcycle hot weather

A bright, sunny day is perfect for enjoying the freedom of the open road. However, even if you start your ride early, when temperatures are moderate, they can quickly spike later in the day. Whether you have a dirt bike or cruiser, riding can be a strenuous activity, especially in extreme heat. To help you stay cool and healthy on the road, Cycle Trader has four tips for riding in hot weather.

1. Stay Hydrated

Dehydration is a huge concern in extreme heat, and it’s hard to stay hydrated while you’re riding a motorcycle. When you’re riding under the blazing sun, dressed in leather pants and a jacket, it’s easy to lose body fluids through sweat. Severe dehydration can cause fatigue, cramps, and difficulties breathing, which can be fatal on the road.

When your hands aren’t on the handlebars of your bike, they should be on a bottle of water, replenishing your fluids. If you can’t get inside to air conditioning, pick a safe, shady spot off the road and grab a hydrating beverage or snack.

2. Wear Lightweight Gear

While wearing a short-sleeve shirt and shorts on your motorcycle isn’t a safe choice, you can choose other lightweight gear for those high-temperature days. In hot weather, swap your leather apparel for mesh jackets and pants that will keep you cool. 

In addition, light-colored clothing is excellent for deflecting the sun rays. You should also make sure your full-face helmet is well ventilated so you don’t overheat. And, if you decide to wear layers, choose a moisture-wicking fabric to help keep you dry on sweaty rides.

3. Keep Your Body Cool

Stay cool while you ride with innovative apparel and accessories. Keep a cooling wrap around your neck or wear an evaporative cooling vest under your riding jacket to keep your body from overheating.

4. Keep Your Bike Cool

Along with keeping yourself cool, you should also make sure your bike doesn’t overheat in extreme temperatures. Before you hit the road, check your motorcycle’s coolant level. If your coolant looks low, top it off before your ride to keep your engine from overheating.

Don’t put off your warm-weather ride just because the temperature is too high. Taking some precautions before you mount your bike and while you’re on the road can help keep both you and your bike healthy and cool. You can also check out our previous article for even more tips on riding in extreme heat. And, if you’re shopping for some hot wheels to take on the road, browse the nationwide inventory on new and used motorcycles for sale on


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Arielle Patterson
Arielle Patterson

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