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The Nation’s Top 13 Dirt Bike Races, Series, & Competitions

Dirt bike events

Ready to kick up some dust and race your dirt bike? Or, want to cheer on other riders as they perform high-flying jumps and tricks? You’re in luck, because there are dirt biking events throughout the year for riders and fans alike. From the desert to the woods, pros and amateurs test their skills at dirt bike events across the country, showing off their talent and toughness. Cycle Trader has put together a list of the top 13 dirt bike races, series, and competitions for you to check out or even sign up for yourself.

1. Supercross Championship

Locations: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Texas, Utah, Washington

Dates: January–May

Professionals take to the tracks under bright lights, racing at high speeds and landing high-flying jumps in front of a stadium of fans. Supercross Championship courses feature timed laps at entertaining races scheduled across the country during the year.


2. National Hare & Hound

Locations: California, Idaho, Nevada, Texas, Utah

Dates: January–May, September–October

Hosted across five states throughout the year, the National Hare & Hound mixes intense off-road biking with high-speed racing in western deserts. Riders kick up dust, weave between boulders, and reach top speeds on barren flatlands.


3. Kicker Arenacross

Locations: Colorado, Mississippi, Nevada, Oklahoma, New York, Texas

Dates: January–March, August, November

Beginning this coming January, Kicker Arenacross’ 12-round Championship Series will host events around the country with competitive racing on a closed course in an arena format. You can expect thrilling jumps, tight turns, and fast bikes.


4. World Off-Road Championship Series

Locations: Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, Utah

Dates: January–November

With a 20-year history and more than 11,000 riders competing this season, the World Off-Road Championship Series provides plenty of action on off-road landscapes in the west. Races feature dry deserts and outdoor motocross courses spanning for several hours, showing off the skills of professionals and amateurs.


5. Grand National Cross Country

Locations: Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia

Dates: February–December

Held primarily in the east, the Grand National Cross Country series has events throughout the year. The series takes riders on cross-country off-road courses that can be up to 12 miles long and take several hours to complete. The terrain changes from woods to rocks, mud, and hills, testing both the skills and grit of racers.


6. Flat Track Grand Championship

Locations: California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas

Dates: March, May–October

A classic in the world of dirt bike racing, the Flat Track Grand Championship has brought the most skilled and fast flat track racers to courses since 1975. With high speeds and dirty conditions, riders compete in oval short-tracks, half-mile and mile tracks, and TT courses.


7. Pro Motocross Championship

Locations: California, Colorado, Indiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington

Dates: May–September

Known as The Nationals, this motocross series is held from May to September and features 12 challenging off-road tracks with the sport’s best professional riders. These race tracks are spread out around the country and include a mix of rough landscapes, mud, and sand. Riders get dirty as they compete at high speeds for up to 45 minutes on tracks with jumps, obstacles, and sharp turns.


8. Mammoth Motocross

Location: Mammoth Lakes, California
Dates: June

One of the most anticipated motocross events all year, Mammoth Motocross takes place in Mammoth Lakes, California. At this event, professional and amateur riders compete on a track in the Sierra Nevada mountain range at an elevation of 8,000 feet. Packed with high-adrenaline racing at a high altitude, it’s also the longest continuously running motocross race in the United States.


9. X Games

Location: California

Dates: July

The summer edition of the X Games is held in Southern California and features a full lineup of extreme sports events, including their Moto X competitions which are devoted to dirt bikes and freestyle stunts. Contestants vie for medals in events including Best Whip, Best Trick, Freestyle, QuarterPipe High Air, and 110s racing.


10. Tennessee Knockout Extreme Enduro

Location: Sequatchie, Tennessee

Dates: August

Off-road riders cover challenging terrain in the woodlands of eastern Tennessee in a race against both the clock and fellow bikers. Tennessee Knockout Extreme Enduro unfolds over the weekend, with riders gradually eliminated in a “knockout” format as the course becomes more difficult.


11. National EnduroCross Championship

Locations: Tulsa, Oklahoma; Amarillo, Texas; Reno, Nevada; Prescott Valley, Arizona; Denver, Colorado

Dates: September–October

Pushing the riders and their bikes to the limit, the National EnduroCross Championship is held in the fall and challenges daring riders to conquer different landscapes at each of the six venues in the series. Riders endure extreme off-road conditions including grueling hills, rough rock fields, and difficult log crossings.


12. Motoplayground and World National Pit Bike Race

Location: Ponca City, Oklahoma

Dates: October

Ponca City’s big race brings thousands of amateur riders of different age groups and skillsets to a weekend of motocross. Fun for dirt bike riders and fans, this weekend event also features onsite camping to keep you close to the action.


13. MotoTrials USA National Championship

Locations: California, Minnesota, Tennessee

Dates: TBA

Trials combines fun with finesse as riders navigate their way through an off-road obstacle course full of challenges, including large rocks, steep cliffs, and other tough terrain. Riders must keep their feet off the ground as they navigate around these barriers. Next year’s provisional series expects to have events in Tennessee, Minnesota, and Northern California.


Conclusion: With exciting events held all year around the country, dirt bike competitions offer plenty of fun for riders and fans. If you’re looking to get in on the action by joining an event, check out for a large selection of new and used dirt bikes.


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Ryan Miller
Ryan Miller

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