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6 Benefits of Buying a Used Motorcycle

Owning a motorcycle can be an exciting adventure, spending days exploring the open road. Before you start dreaming about that freedom, you should first decide if a new or used bike is best for you. While a new motorcycle certainly has more appeal when it comes to current technology and updated features, buying a used unit should be up for consideration too. As you think about how you plan on using your bike, read Cycle Trader’s six benefits of buying a used motorcycle.

1. Pay Less Upfront

The newer the motorcycle, the higher the cost. Because of depreciation, which we’ll discuss more below, older models can be more affordable. You’ll also have lower insurance costs with an older model versus a new one. Take the money you save from buying a pre-owned unit and put it into your restoration budget.

2. Avoid Immediate Depreciation

Similar to buying a car, brand-new motorcycles lose value quickly. Motorcycles can depreciate nearly 20% during the first two years of ownership. Unfortunately, if you buy new and need to sell your bike within that time frame, you likely won’t make back the money you initially spent on the unit. When it comes to fixing up a motorcycle, buying used is often the best investment, whether you plan to resell it or keep it for long-term use.

3. Greater Variety of Units and Parts

You’ll notice a larger variety of inventory when you shop for a used motorcycle. Browse models from the last few years or vintage bikes, ranging in different sizes and specs. Used units also allow you to work with aftermarket parts for your restoration or repairs. Aftermarket parts are often less expensive and offer more variety and availability compared to OEM parts.

4. Sharpen Your Repair Skills

If you’re ready to get your hands dirty, a used motorcycle is a good option for practicing your repair skills. DIY maintenance, such as changing the oil, replacing the air filter, changing the coolant, and cleaning the chain, can save you money and improve your comfortability with your bike.

5. Customize Your Ride

Buying a used motorcycle gives you the chance to remodel your bike exactly how you want it. Overlook any cosmetic wear and tear to the unit as you’re shopping and imagine the appearance of your future ride, once you finish the DIY repairs and upgrades. Whether you want a custom paint job or you’re experienced enough to completely rebuild and restore the motorcycle, you’ll have the chance to start fresh and make the unit completely one of a kind. Take a look at Cycle Trader’s beginner tips for bike customization and restoration to get rolling.

6. Greater Resale Value

If you plan on restoring a used motorcycle and selling it, you may be able to earn more than you initially paid. Buying a pre-owned unit and avoiding the early depreciation can allow you to sell it for close to or more than what you originally paid. Then, once you factor in any upgrades, you stand to make a decent profit.

Conclusion: If you’re still going back and forth between buying a new or used motorcycle, a primary consideration should be how you plan to use the bike. Whether you choose long- or short-term ownership, buying a pre-owned unit has undeniable benefits, especially if you plan on restoring your motorcycle. If you’ve decided that used is right for you, check out our six tips for buying a motorcycle fixer upper that will help you get started. Begin shopping for used units on, a leading nationwide online marketplace.


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Arielle Patterson
Arielle Patterson

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