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What It’s Like to Sell a Bike on

What It’s Like to Sell a Bike on

Have you decided it’s time to sell your motorcycle? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Cycle Trader is an online marketplace that connects millions of active buyers to sellers across the country. The process is fast, simple, and safe, guaranteeing a smooth and reliable experience. Here’s everything you need to know about selling a bike on

Getting Started

Click the “Sell” tab at the top of the Cycle Trader webpage or the “Menu” button in the top-right corner, then click “Sell My Motorcycle” to be taken to the page where you can view available listing packages. Simply scroll down or click “Get Started” to view package options and make your selection.

Choosing a Package

Cycle Trader offers three package options for sellers.

  • Basic: The basic package ensures that your ad will be listed on the website for two weeks. Your listing will allow up to four photos.
  • Enhanced: The enhanced package offers six weeks on Cycle Trader’s website, as well as up to 20 photos and a YouTube or Vimeo video.
  • Best: The best package features a 12-week-long listing, up to 50 photos, a video, premium placement on the website with a highlight in search results, and a featured spot in carousels on the homepage and search results.

Log In or Create Your Account

If you have an existing account with My Trader, you can log in now. If not, it won’t take long to make one. Enter your email and a password, then verify your password. After that, you’ll be signed up for My Trader and be able to create, edit, and share listings, save your progress when creating listings, and see leads and activity on your listings.

Start Building Your Listing

Once you select your package, you can start building your unit listing. Keep in mind that this is the first impression you make with a consumer, so you want the information to be clear and accurate.  Building a listing is done in three easy steps.

  • Enter Your Vehicle Information: Enter the year, make, model, and trim of the motorcycle you want to sell. Add your price and choose a tagline; this is your opportunity to tell potential buyers if the price is firm, negotiable, cash, or open to trade. From the drop down, select a category that your motorcycle would fall under, such as: classic, dirt bike, electric, or scooter. This information can also be included in the listing description, where you have a maximum of 2,500 characters to tell buyers all about your bike. There is also a drop down for additional details, including features, color, engine information, and mileage. The more information you give a consumer about your unit, the faster they can make their decision. If you’re selling gear, parts, or trailers, entering the item information will look slightly different—simply follow the prompts and you’ll be able to list them just as easily as a bike.
  • Add Photos: Depending on which package you choose, you can upload up to four, 20, or 50 photos. On Cycle Trader, listings with pictures generate 1.3X higher search result impressions and 5.4X higher vehicle detail page-views than listings without photos. Remember to take clear photos at different angles so potential buyers can see as much as possible. For more tips, read our eight tips for taking great listing photos. If you have an Enhanced or Best package, this is where you’ll add the link for a video on YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Enter Your Contact Information: Some of this may auto-populate if you’re logged into your account. You’ll also need to fill out your first and last name, address, and phone number. To protect your privacy, only your city, state, and zip code will appear on your listing—not your street address. You can also choose to hide your phone number if you prefer for shoppers to only contact you via email.

Preview, Review, and Check Out

At the bottom left of the page, you’ll have the option to preview your listing with the photos. Put yourself in the shoes of a buyer to make sure you’re seeing everything someone would need to know about the bike you’re selling.

Once you decide it looks good, you can view a receipt for your listing. Enter promo code SELL25 to get 25% off your listing from now until the end of the year. After using this discount code, you’ll be all set to checkout with your payment information.

Conclusion: When you sell your bike on, you can take advantage of our digital marketing solutions to help advertise and reach more buyers. In just a few quick and easy steps, your listing will be available to consumers nationwide.

Another option for private sellers is to connect with dealers who are buying inventory directly. Skip the listing all together and look for the “We Buy Motorcycles” button on a dealer’s gallery page to sell your unit right to a dealership.


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Arielle Patterson
Arielle Patterson

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