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Winter Riding Destinations

For many of us around the country, the colder months have hit… and they’ve hit hard. Looking for a warm-weather escape so you take that bike out of storage? We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite warm-weather rides perfect for cruising this time of year. You can send us a postcard to thank us later.

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Ozello Trail, Florida

The Ozello Trail is located 60 miles north of Tampa and is jam-packed with twists, turns, and a ton of water views. You’ll find great restaurants if you need a pit stop. We recommend pulling over and checking out Peck’s Old Port Cove for good seafood, a cold drink, and even better scenery. The Ozello Trail is largely a two-lane asphalt road with fair conditions. Be sure to keep an eye out for any sand built up on the trail and don’t forget to slow down and enjoy the view. It’s not a long ride, but it’s worth filling the tank and checking it out.

Valley of Fire Loop, Nevada

The Valley of Fire Loop is located about 50-miles outside of Las Vegas and is an increasingly popular destination for riding motorcycles, and for good reason. The temperature is mild in the winter months making it a perfect place for a ride. Heading there now means it won’t feel as if you fell into a burning ring of fire like you would if you visited during spring or summer. The loop encompasses the Valley of Fire State Park, the oldest state park in the state of Nevada. The Valley of Fire Loop has everything you would want in a ride including sandstone rock formations, plenty of twists and turns, and high-quality road conditions.

The Florida Keys Scenic Highway, Florida

Like birds heading south for the winter, riders flock to the Florida Keys Scenic Highway in the winter. This 110 mile stretch of road has that summertime vibe and weather all year round. The ride starts at Mile Marker 110 down to Mile Marker 0 in Old Town Key West. During this ride you’ll be surrounded by palm trees and the blue waters of the keys, and get to pull into sandy beach bars and restaurants on nearly every block. The highway finishes with a 5 mile stretch of road where you’ll see nothing but clear water on each side of the highway.

Pacific Coast Highway, California

We have all heard the hype about taking a Pacific Coast cruise. Is it urban biker legend or the real deal? Well, our insiders give the PCH the stamp of approval. The terrain is unlike anything anywhere else. Get out of the cold and hit miles of coastline, tons of curves, and unreal views along this entire biker’s dream highway. If you ride the length of Pacific Coast Highway, you’ll see lighthouses, redwoods, mountains, lush valleys, and a variety of wildlife. The highway is 655 miles long, so whether you choose to ride for just a portion of the highway, or the entire length, there will be an ideal option for you.
Pack your bags and beat the winter blues by checking out one or more of these winter riding destinations. Have you traveled on any of these roads or have a personal winter favorite? Let us know in the comments below.


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Emily Sullivan
Emily Sullivan
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