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Motorcycles for Monsters: Handing Out Bikes to Bad Guys

Halloween is right around the corner and the streets will soon be filled with kids in costumes. But we think it’s high time to upgrade some of those villains, so we’re handing out bikes to our favorite bad guys. Here are the motorcycles that we think are the best fit for each classic monster:

Frankenstein’s Monster

You can tell just by looking at him the monster is a big boy, so of course he needs a big bike (though we’re tempted to give him a Vespa!). That’s why we’re giving Frankenstein’s monster a Harley-Davidson Road King. Now he can finally outrun that torch-carrying mob and see the world.


The count is a rich guy — he owns his own castle after all — so he can afford a luxurious Kawasaki Ninja. Dracula might just forget how to turn into a bat, because he’ll be so busy practically flying on this fancy bike.


No one romps through rough terrain like the Werewolf, so it only made sense to enhance his off-road prowl with this Yamaha YZ125 dirt-bike. It’s the perfect motorcycle to take out in the light of a full moon.


You don’t live thousands of years and not consider yourself to be at least a little old-school. That’s why the Mummy will be thrilled to find out the bike we wrapped up for him is a vintage Indian Chief.


When you’re used to spaceships and ray guns, you expect to have access to the latest technology. With a brand new Can-Am Spyder, the Alien will have plenty of innovative tools to play with as they ride away from Area 51.


Fresh out of the lagoon, the Creature is a romantic at heart, just looking for love. Well, if he wants to impress the ladies, then the BMW S 1000 is a great bike to do it. Just keep in mind, Creature, that unlike you the bike is not amphibious — keep it on the road!

Invisible Man

No one wants to go anywhere and blend into any crowd more than the Invisible Man. Well the bike with the most listings on is the Harley-Davidson Street Glide, making it a widely popular bike that will bring a smile to the Invisible Man’s face. We think; we can’t actually see him.


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