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When Motorcycle Rallies Return, Will You Be Ready?

When Motorcycle Rallies Return, Will You Be Ready?

When will rallies be back?

Right now with the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, very large gatherings have been restricted. For this reason, many motorcycle rallies have been canceled or postponed to assist in slowing the spread of the virus. There is a lot of uncertainty of when large gatherings such as motorcycle rallies will be permitted and safe again. However, many people speculate that we will be “out of the woods” within the next twelve months primarily due to the accelerated work on a potential vaccine.

While there is obviously no guarantee, it would not be surprising if most motorcycle rallies were up and running at some point in the summer of 2021. With that in mind, you can pass some of the time during the quarantine keeping your bike in tip-top shape as well as thinking about your preparation for any future rallies that you might attend – and we’ve got some tips.

What can I do in the interim to keep my bike running well?

Keeping your bike running well during extended periods of not using it much or even at all can prove challenging. However, it is more than possible with the right know-how. First, you should get your bike serviced and all the fluids changed. This will lessen moisture damage that could possibly occur when you are not using the bike for an extended period.

You should also make sure your gas tank is full during extended periods of non-use. Too much air in your gas tank can be problematic when the bike does not run for a while. Next, you should disconnect the battery because the battery can slowly but surely lose some of its charge if it is connected during long periods of the motorcycle not being used.

Finally, make sure that you keep the bike completely covered wherever you store it so that you keep dust, dirt, and debris off the bike if you’re not riding. You should also make sure that you cover the exhaust and any other openings in the bike so that insects or any small animals cannot get inside and cause havoc.

When the time comes, how can I get my bike to a rally?

When the rallies pick back up, getting your bike all the way there might seem like a bit of a pain considering some of the better motorcycle rallies could be hundreds or even thousands of miles away. Your options here are to ride there, haul it there yourself, or ship your bike there.

Riding there will be the most fun, but it also poses the highest risk for damage to your bike. On top of that, if the rally is several hundred or a thousand plus miles away, riding that far will likely take several days as well a toll on your body. You will save some money but not as much as you think as the cost of gas will add up quickly.

Hauling your bike to a rally in a trailer is another option. This will provide you more comfort in terms of the drive. It will also prevent damage to your bike from the road such as chips or scratches. However, it will be more expensive both in the cost of renting the trailer and gas. Gas will cost more because with much more weight your vehicle will burn much more fuel as you drive.

Shipping your bike to a rally tends to be the best option for many people. This allows you to avoid driving for many hours or several days and, instead, take a nice quick and comfortable flight. Shipping your motorcycle to a rally will also prevent any damage from a long trip on the road. This is particularly helpful when you are about to show your bike off at a rally for several days.

It will be my first time heading to a rally, what do I need to know?

If you are thinking about heading to your first ever motorcycle rally next year or sometime in the future, you should know a few things beforehand. First and foremost, you should plan ahead for your first rally experience. You will need to make hotel accommodations, figure out how you will be getting there and, as we’ve discussed above, how you will be getting your motorcycle there as well. We recommend making the reservations for these things at least eight weeks in advance if possible.

You will also want to bring a few things to make sure that you are prepared including cash, a phone charger, sunscreen, and whatever else you think you will not be able to live without for a week’s time.

Finally, do everything that you can in order to keep your bike safe during the rally. This will include driving it safely as well as keeping it in places where possible theft is less likely to occur such as well-lit areas and areas you can easily see and check periodically.

Which rallies do you plan on attending once they pick back up? Do you have any tips of your own? Let us know in the comments below.


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Emily Sullivan
Emily Sullivan
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