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Your Motorcycle News Fix – May 2020

Your Motorcycle News Fix - May 2020

Life might have slowed down in recent months, but motorcycle news definitely hasn’t. Luckily, in our industry, we’re consistently pushing forward and there’s always an exciting new headline to report. As always, we’re here to fill you in on the latest news coming out of the motorcycle industry. So relax, stay awhile, and check out the motorcycle news you need to know for the month of May.

Image: Brian Wells/Times Herald

Motorcyclists Ride in Support of Front-Line Workers

Rick Umphrey, with the help of the Mercy Riders motorcycle club, recently organized a motorcycle ride to show support to front-line workers. More than 350 bikers came together (at a safe distance) to ride as one through downtown Michigan passing the Municipal Office Complex and Tri-Hospital EMS. From there, they went to Lake Huron Medical Center before heading south to River District Hospital. They held signs and cheered along the way and many hospital workers were able to come outside to take photos and feel the love and support from these riders. “We’re getting everybody out and thinking positive instead of negative,” said Umphrey. We love hearing stories about the motorcycle community coming together in a positive way. Read More. 
Image: Triumph Motorcycles

Triumph Announces Electric TE-1 Motorcycle Project

Triumph has decided to jump on the electric bandwagon and just announced plans to develop electric motorcycle technology over the next two years as part of Project Triumph TE-1. The company also announced that this effort will be a collaborative approach. During the project, Triumph will gain input from Williams Advanced Engineering on the battery design, Integral Powertrain Ltd.’s e-Drive division for the development of the motor, and the University of Warwick for research and development. The project’s goal is to develop new components that are lighter weight, less complex, and easier to package in a motorcycle. “As part of our electric motorcycle initiative, Project Triumph TE-1 represents an exciting collaboration that will provide valuable input into our future lineup,” said Steve Sargent, Triumph’s chief product officer. We’re excited to follow along with this project and wish Triumph luck in pursuing the electric market. Read More.
Image: Powersports Business

Bike Donation to Nurse After Theft

A local dealership has recently stepped up during the coronavirus pandemic to help a front-line worker whose bike was stolen. Unfortunately, Mercedes Suarez, a licensed vocational nurse at Brookdale Assisted Living in San Antonio had her 2004 Kawasaki 250 Ninja stolen back in April. Luckily, Dave Sears, owner of Alamo Cycle Plex in San Antonio, Texas saw Mercedes’s story on the news and decided to take action. He commented on the news story in hopes of connecting with Mercedes and soon after they were in touch. Since connecting, the police had found Mercede’s stolen bike, but when Dave took a look at the bike to offer repairs, there was over $2,000 worth of damage. Dave ended up donating a Kawasaki 400 Ninja to Mercedes and here was her reaction… “When Dave offered me the new bike it went from a really low feeling to ‘I can’t believe this is happening.’ It was such a drastic change. As soon as I took it home, it was insane. It’s the same bike, but newer — like the long lost brother of my old bike. It’s so great, I love it.” We love seeing local dealerships step up during these trying times – kudos to Alamo Cycle Plex – we hope you start a chain reaction of good deeds throughout the country. Read More
Image: MCN

Royal Enfield Isn’t Slowing Down During COVID-19

Royal Enfield recently announced that the coronavirus pandemic isn’t slowing down their long-term goal to unleash up to 14 new bikes. The manufacturer is confident that they will make it through the crisis because they have had zero debts for the last 14 years, meaning they don’t have to make knee-jerk reactions in times of stress. Among the 14 bikes that Mark Wells, Head of Product Strategy & Industrial Design at Enfield, had presented could be a new 650 twin, possibly a flat tracker, as well as a souped-up Himalayan. Royal Enfield is seeing the current climate as an opportunity to grow and we love their optimistic outlook. Read More.

You are officially up to speed on the latest and greatest motorcycle news. Did you have a favorite story this month, or have one you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below.


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Emily Sullivan
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