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Your Motorcycle News Fix – March 2020

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The year is flying by which means warmer weather and riding season are almost upon us. But before you head out for your next ride, we’re here to fill you in on the latest motorcycle news stories. Check out the latest headlines below.

Image: Biz Times

Harley-Davidson’s CEO Steps Down

Matt Levatich, president and CEO of Harley-Davidson has stepped down after 26 years with the company. Harley’s board of directors has appointed board member Jochen Zeitz as acting CEO while the company uses an outside company to begin searching for their new CEO. With the lowest sales they’ve seen in 16 years, Harley is looking to recharge and revitalize their company with new leadership. It was made clear that the decision was mutual between board members and Levatich. We are eager to see how things shake out for the moto-giant and we wish them the best on their hunt for their next CEO.
Image: KTM

KTM Launches Nationwide Ride Orange Street Demo Tour

Want to get up close and personal with KTM’s lineup of street bikes? Well, good news – now you can. The 2020 Ride Orange Street Demo Tour kicked off last weekend at KTM’s North American Headquarters in Murrieta, California and it will continue to make stops across the country at events and at participating KTM dealerships. Those who participate in KTM’s Ride Orange Street Demo program will have the opportunity to ride KTM’s 2020 Street model range on pre-planned routes that offering epic riding stretches. If you participate, you can also receive a $500 Ride Orange VIP voucher for KTM PowerParts, PowerWear and SpareParts on select Street models. To see if you qualify to ride or to see exactly where KTM is heading during the tour, click here.
Image: RideApart

Harley Introduces New Paint Options on the Road Glide Special

Now lets pivot to some positive news from Harley. The manufacturer recently announced that they are working on a few special editions of some of their existing models. The pre-existing Road Glide Special will now feature a new variety of paint options like a Billiard Red/Stone Washed White and Billiard Blue/Stone Washed White color scheme. The bike will also be adorned with an American flag #1 on each side of the fuel tank. These paint options can only be done at the Harley-Davidson Factory and will come in at an extra $1,900 more than the regular base price of the Road Glide Special. If you’re feeling extra patriotic, we say go for it. Read More.
Image: Triumph

Triumph Rocket 3 Sets Record Time

The Triumph Rocket 3’s acceleration is pumping and recently set a new Triumph production motorcycle record of 0-60 mph in 2.73 seconds – you read that right. The Rocket 3 features the world’s largest production motorcycle engine (2500cc) and has the most torque of any production motorcycle on the market with 163 ft-lbs. at 4000 rpm. The Chief Commercial Officer of Triumph said, “With the Rocket 3 lineup, we have consistently shown that we can build the highest capacity production motorcycles, capable of offering incredible performance and capability in return.” We don’t doubt it for a second. Kudos to you, Triumph.
It’s official – you are now up to speed on the latest motorcycle headlines. Let us know your thoughts on the stories we covered this month in the comment section below.


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Emily Sullivan
Emily Sullivan
Emily Sullivan is a Content Curator for Trader Interactive, serving the recreational brands RV Trader and Cycle Trader. Her mission is to provide thoughtful, practical content to those who are always on the hunt for their next adventure.

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