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Your Motorcycle News Fix – January 2020

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A new year means new motorcycle headlines. We’ll catch you up on all the latest and greatest news from some of your favorite motorcycle manufacturers. From new models to cutting edge safety news – we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in.

Image: Harley-Davidson

Harley is Finally Making an Adventure Bike

It’s surprising to think that one of the most recognized and popular manufacturers in the motorcycle industry doesn’t have an adventure model in their lineup… until now. Harley-Davidson has recently been on the cutting edge of technology and reaching new riders with their LiveWire Electric Motorcycle, but the moto giant also wants to reach the growing market of offroad and adventure riders. According to Harley, The Harley-Davidson® Pan America™ encompasses equal parts campfire, wanderlust, and grit. This adventure bike has a 1,250cc engine, 140 horsepower, and 90 pound-feet of torque. This model is expected to hit the market in 2020 and we can’t wait to see it in nature for ourselves. See the Model.
Image: Triumph

Triumph Reveals 2020 Tiger 900

Triumph’s Tiger 900 is better than ever with a new 900cc triple engine and state of the art tech to improve rider experience. The Tiger has more torque and power than ever before and is significantly lighter (11 lbs.) than previous models improving agility. Triumph’s new model also includes 6 different riding modes like rain, road, sport, rider, off-road, and off-road pro – no matter what kind of riding you’re doing, the new Tiger has you covered. The ergonomics have also been improved with a narrower seat width and closer handlebars, allowing riders to have more control and comfort. Check it Out.
Image: Damon

Revolutionary Motorcycle Safety on the Horizon

A Canadian electric motorcycle firm, Damon, is aiming to change the way most people think about motorcycle safety with their Hypersport Pro model. Their limited-edition bike uses the company’s Shift system to adjust riding positions on the go. The state of the art motorcycle also uses a combination of radar and cameras to predict hazards to warn the rider. Their new safety system uses a platform created by BlackBerry and combines cameras and sensors to track the speed, direction, and velocity of objects around a motorcycle. All of this information is then processed by computers onboard the bike to anticipate threats and warn the rider through LEDs, vibrations, or visually on a digital rear-view mirror. The Damon Hypersport Pro was just unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. We’ll keep you up-to-date on when this model is expected to come to market. Read More. 
Image: Bandit9 Motorcycles

Have You Seen the Bandit9 2020?

The Bandit9 EVE 2020 has touched down and looks like it’s arrived in our world from a different planet. Its sleek carbon-fiber body looks like a bullet and is packed with luxury. Made of nine hand-built pieces, the EVE 2020 is aggressively styled and is made of stainless steel. To add to the drama, the bike is completely blacked out and features a semi-automatic engine with 125cc displacement, housed in its turbine and weighs in at just over 308.5 pounds. This is an extremely limited edition bike as only 9 will be made. If you have an extra 11k around – you could be one of the lucky owners. See the Bandit9 EVE 2020.

This year has already been full of exciting motorcycle news – we’re excited to see what 2020 brings in terms of new models and news from our favorite moto giants. Stay tuned for next month’s Motorcycle News Fix and, as always, let us know your thoughts on these stories in the comments below.


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Emily Sullivan
Emily Sullivan
Emily Sullivan is a Content Curator for Trader Interactive, serving the recreational brands RV Trader and Cycle Trader. Her mission is to provide thoughtful, practical content to those who are always on the hunt for their next adventure.

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  1. Harley's adventure bike, out of 11 photos none show the left hand side of the machine. Of the two that are on the left side one shows ABS sensor or similar wiring hanging out along side the forks waiting to catch on everything possible. "Engineered for full send.", I think they underestimate what that means to their customer base.

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