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Top Notch Backpacks

It’s no shocker that bikes don’t have tons of storage – even if you’ve added some saddlebags on your ride – so having a backpack that is reliable and sturdy is crucial. But – let’s be honest – sometimes wearing a backpack makes you feel like you’re back in school. Well – not these backpacks. These are sleek and definitely worthy of a spot on your ride… or should we say back?

This bag comes in a variety of color options – although we’re fans of the dark grey. It’s got plenty of room inside to hold your gear – and two conveniently placed outer pockets for things you need to get to more easily. We like the security the outer flap provides – so you’re sure the the stuff in those outside pockets is going to stay put. 

Any bag that can hold all of our stuff and our helmet is an automatic win in our book. And this guy comes at a great price point. It’s got a sporty feel to it and plenty of room inside. Another perk – because this is made by a brand catering to the needs of bikers – this pack has reflective piping to help you stand out at night. 

This backpack is surprisingly large – bragging it can hold somewhere between three to five days worth of travel goods – and it has the ability to charge your phone. So if you like to take your bike out for several days at a time, this could be the one for you. It also says that it’s an “anti-theft” backpack – although we couldn’t tell exactly why – but our best guess is because of where the zipper is placed – if someone tried to get in there, you would definitely feel it. 

No matter your style – this backpack has you covered. Looking for something bright and bold? They’ve got it. Prefer to go with all black? They’ve got that too. These bags have a drawstring top and are plenty long – so you can shove stuff deep in there. Also – the flap that closes over the top has storage for things like your wallet and phone and allows you use that for additional outside storage – maybe even your helmet. 

This is the most fashionable and high-design backpack we included – but we like that it can go from “day-to-night” or “bike-to-business” pretty easily. So maybe you use this as your backpack during the week – and then switch to one of the other options during the weekend? Just a thought. This guy also still has plenty of storage and will be comfortable to have on your back while you ride.

So there you have it. These bags should give you a little extra storage while you ride – so you can easily take everything you need with you while you’re out and about.


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