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Journey to No Man’s Land

Women, motorcycles, and camping – what more could you ask for? Over the past five years, all-female motorcycle rallies have grown in popularity and in number. These events provide a community for women to come together to share their love of two-wheeled riding, camping, and a good time with fellow moto babes. For the media socialites, the events also provide unique insta moments for everyone’s liking.

In 2015, East Coasters Jamie Sheard, Abby Whisenant, and Kari King set out for the California desert to camp with a thousand girls from all over the world at Babes Ride Out. The desert experience left a lasting impression on Jamie, Abby, and Kari, and it wasn’t long before they started planning their own East Coast event: “We talked about how it would be awesome to do something similar, on a more intimate scale, in the Southeast,” said Sheard. Between Jamie, Abby, and Kari, they knew members of the Lady Fingers (Atlanta, Georgia), the Litas (Richmond, Virginia and Charlotte, North Carolina), the Hellcats (Nashville, Tennessee), and the Vagabroads (Chattanooga, Tennessee). In June of 2016, after loads of planning and discussions over beverages, 50 babes from these clubs converged on a campground in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina… and just like that, No Man’s Land was born.

What sets No Man’s Land apart from other moto camping rallies? For one, it’s its migrating location: “The idea to move it around evolved as we were working through the plans for the 2016 event. It occurred to us that some groups would have to travel farther than others every year if we kept it in the same spot,” remarked Sheard. Not only does moving the location around amongst the clubs’ home states allow participants to see different parts of the Southeast, it also spreads out the responsibility of planning and organizing the event to the host club. The other thing that sets No Man’s Land apart from other rallies is the intimacy. Over the course of of 3 days and 2 nights, can you really get to know hundreds of people? Perhaps, if you’re the Flash. Based on my ordinary non-superhero experience, spending a long weekend with 50 ladies was refreshingly personal. We cruised on winding roads, we swapped stories, we laughed, we swam, and some of us sang. The intimate setting is why I keep coming back. On this third year, my club (the Litas of Richmond, Virginia) is hosting. As we finalize ride routes and checklists, we look forward to catching up with our moto sisters and showing them a turn or two on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Let’s hope the bugs are kept at bay.

No Man’s Land runs from June 22-24. For more information click here.

Written by: Therese Thomas
Photos by: Kate Lamb/Wild In Love Photography


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