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Custom Moto

Custom Moto

Shops that are changing the face of motorcycling

Moto-curious. Lifestyle. Community … and the birth of a whole new generation of bike shops.

These shops are popping up across the country with a whole new take on what it means to be a motorcycle shop. They aren’t focused on selling bikes, but rather on getting people excited about riding and the community that comes with it. They’ve set out to change how and why people visit a local shop – and to be honest – we think it’s awesome.

We’ve found three shops – each taking a different spin on what they do and how they do it – but all doing it right.

Brother MotoAtlanta, GA

This place is DIY garage that offers members community tools and advice on fixing up their ride, but you wouldn’t know it from walking through the front doors. The vibe is warm and inviting with big couches throughout, scattered coffee table books, and an awesome coffee bar with plenty of caffeine

to go around. If you ignore the garage and the vintage motorcycles around the space – you could easily just assume this was the latest coffee bar or brewery in town – not the motorcycle club it really is.

The guys who founded Brother Moto are the epitome of cool. They ride and rebuild vintage bikes – sending them back onto the streets of ATL humming like new – and new and old riders share advice and tools in the shop’s garage. Their focus was on building a space that anyone felt comfortable in – whether or not you ride – making the it as much for the moto-curious as it is for life-long riders. And they did just that. The result is a space where people feel just as comfortable coming in for a cup of coffee, as they do to work on their ride.

Classified MotoRichmond, VA

This shop keeps things closer to the chest. They aren’t open to the public – but they are creating some unique bikes that are getting national attention – particularly after they built a bike for The Walking

Dead. Yes, you read that right. These bikes are made up of vintage and modern parts to give them a look all their own.

Want to see them in person? You can ask to stop by if you’re passing through Richmond – but good luck. The shop keeps their location a secret – however, their social media presence is on point. From Instagram to YouTube, Classified Moto is more than happy to show you what they’re all about -from a distance. They have great photos of their latest creations and even a new video series, called Restricted, that gives you a peek into their day-to-day.

Jane MotorcyclesBrooklyn, NY

The tall white ceilings and natural wood throughout Jane Motorcycle shop immediately took me by surprise. Not that motorcycle shops can’t have these things – but the open and airy aesthetic has a high-end retail vibe to it that was unexpected. The huge garage door on the front opens up to invite people passing by to stop in – and the coffee bar at the front sends smells of roasted beans and

caffeine drifting up and down the street. Jane partners with local coffee roasters and a local sandwich shop, giving people a reason to come in and stay awhile. Not into motorcycles? Totally fine – their baristas don’t discriminate.

But beyond the smells and sandwiches, Jane Motorcycles is building a motorcycle lifestyle brand. You can get a badass motorcycle from them – that is the perfect mix of vintage and modern – but you can also buy clothing designed specifically for riding, art, or even books. Anything you need to dream about riding – they’ve got you covered.

Of course – all of us are riders – but even if you aren’t, these shops are still pretty damn cool. They have a lot to offer – and are worth a visit (if they’ll let you), even if it’s just for the coffee and the atmosphere.


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