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New Location – Same Great Show

New Location – Same Great Show
AIMExpo 2017

For the first time in its five year run – AIMExpo moved from Orlando, FL to Columbus, OH. While the move was initially controversial – the show seemed to fit in it’s new environment. Rich with great

restaurants, bars, and nightlife opportunities for after the show – attendees were pleasantly surprised by what Columbus had to offer. The hope was that the AIMExpo would essentially take over the city for the show dates – and did it ever.

Around the Greater Columbus Convention Center, bikes were lined up – parked alongside busy city streets. The surrounding hotels were packed with riders who attended for both work and play. With a huge variety of exhibitors to meet with, products to sample, bikes to test ride, and informative presentations – AIMExpo had a little bit

of everything to engage the most novice of powersports enthusiasts to riders who’ve been at it for years. 

From Indian to Yamaha to Suzuki and Harley Davidson – all the big manufacturers pulled out the stops for this show. They were there with their best displays, most bad-ass bikes, and off-road units that could take you to the farthest reaching corners of our country.

Buyers definitely took notice of the lower price points of the smaller, lightweight bikes from all the manufacturers – many sporting a stop-you-in-your tracks matte black paint – and rumors flew about the big Honda announcement coming up in the next few weeks. Some hoped there would be a sneak peek at the show – no such luck – but the leading rumor was that they would release an automatic Goldwing. Time will tell. 

Next year, the show’s headed to Vegas – lining up with Las Vegas Bike Week and Monster Energy Cup in October – giving attendees more than enough to keep them busy. It should definitely be a top destination on your 2018 list.


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