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Top Tips For Planning Your Bucket List Ride

Tips For Riding in the Rain

How much do you really know about moto safety? The answer may surprise you…

Did you know June is National Safety Month?

Even though riding a motorcycle is thrilling, enjoyable, relaxing and exhilarating  it can also be risky. As with most things in life, being prepared is the key to staying safe and avoiding accidents. With the right information, you ride easy knowing how to react if your safety as a rider is ever put in jeopardy. Check out our Motorcycle Safety Trivia Quiz, made with hand-picked questions from go-to safety resources. How much do you really know about motorcycle safety? Click here to take the quiz and find out!


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Top Tips For Planning Your Bucket List Ride

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  1. I always come up here to read your blog posts. It is really thrilling. I must say the quiz was really interesting and informative at the same time. I know that motorcycles do not have safety features that protect their rider. A car has seat belts, airbags, and other things in order to ensure safety. Motorcycles are the majority on the streets. Some may are experienced drivers. I think motorcycle safety is something not only riders need to be taught but it has to be taught to other motorists as well. Educating them can reduce accidents. This type of accidents is increasing day by day. There is much more to be done to put down the problem and save lives. It has to do from the beginning itself. The riders should get good training. Nowadays it is easy to get permits. It is easy to get permits with no riding experience. This is a bad practice. Then to obtain license one has to take a test where one weave through some cones and make a u-turn. Most of the accidents occur with the collision with other vehicles. Strict laws must be brought in order to avoid accidents. But, it is sad to say that most of them disobey laws. I am trying to show that the main cause of accidents is due to minor mistakes. People do not pay attention and this is why accidents happen. Every vehicle driver should follow safety measures while driving. Drivers of cars and bikes need to get a good education in order to make their ride safe. All safety things are needed in a vehicle still helmet is important for a driver to reduce the risk. The helmet can protect a person up to some extent. But nobody would like to travel wearing helmets. So safety is in the hands of a driver. One must be careful while on the road.

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