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ATV and Offroad Accounts Everyone Should be Following on Instagram

Who to Follow Series, Episode 2
Right now, there are hundreds of Instagram accounts committed to one thing: bringing the offroad lifestyle and information about the best and newest offroad units to social media. Since there are literally hundreds to thousands of these profiles to sort through, we’ve put together a list of some of the best, most incredible viral profiles we’ve ever seen when it comes to ATVs, UTVs, SxS’s, offroad racing and more. Take a look!


Quad Offroad Life (ATV / SxS) – @Quad_offroad_life

Followers: 196k

Just like their title suggests, this account really is all about the offroad life. The majority of their photos show off new models with insane designs and new set ups.Plus, they have some of the most unbelievable videos of mud escapes we’ve ever seen. – @superatv_com

Followers: 97.9k
The thing about is that they’re not just about offroad vehicles – they’re all about the lifestyle. Whether it’s racing, tricks on crazy terrain, or just great photos of people in action with their ATVs and SxS’s, this account will never leave you bored.

Badass Fourwheelers – @badass_fourwheelers_
Followers: 47.4k
There honestly aren’t many accounts that show quite as many variations, colors and sheer capabilities of units as Badass Fourwheelers. And, to be frank, they’re truly all about simply repping the offroad life for what it’s most well known for: being  ‘badass.’

Quad Lyfe (ATV/SxS Lovers) – @quadlyfe

Followers: 193k

What made Quad Lyfe stand out to us wasn’t necessarily how crazy their pictures were although, trust us, they’re definitely awesome but, the number of different types of offroad vehicles featured on this account is what caught our attention. You’ll see famed units, but you’ll also see certain quads you’ve never seen before, and that’s the kind of stuff we love seeing on our feed.

Cole Richardson – @colerichardson73
Followers: 21.3k

This is definitely one racer no one should ever go without following. Known not only for his jaw-dropping accuracy with his machines and incomparable speeds, this professional ATV racer for Yamaha is only 19 years old, and has already won the ProAm Class (XC2) Championship not once, but twice. His race photos and offroad adventures are documented on his profile, and they’re definitely pics you don’t want to miss. – @sidebysidestuff

Followers: 83.2k
This account? Really pretty straight to-the-point: a bunch of side by side stuff, meant to inspire you to get out there and ride those offroaders. At the same time, if you’re looking to buy a new unit, this is a great place to check out photos, because they always post their pics from a number of angles and perspectives. It’s a win-win, no matter what.

SouthWestRacer Media – @officialdgafdunerz
Followers: 28.1k
As mentioned in their profile bio, you’ll find a little bit of everything on this account, but what makes it truly unique is its countless photos of sand dragsters and sandrails. The types of pictures on this account are honestly unparalleled, and it takes us some effort just to navigate off their profile once we get scrollin’.

ATV Rider – @atvridermagazine

Followers: 55.7k

There are a number of ATV news and lifestyle sources we follow religiously, and ATV Rider Magazine is one of them. They’re not only a great source for breaking news and updates from the offroad world, but they also source out some of the most unbelievable offroad photography and videos, so we couldn’t help but include them in our list.

ATV Trader – @atvtrader2016

Just launched in 2016, we are stoked to announce that ATV Trader now has an official Instagram account, and we couldn’t go without including it in this list. The premier online resource for all your offroad new and used vehicle sales and research needs, ATV Trader is here to provide you with both lifestyle inspiration and the guidance you need when it comes to buying, selling and maintaining your units. Give ‘em a follow – Cycle Trader is proud to have ATV Trader as part of the Trader family, and their Instagram account is an up-and-coming go-to.


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