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In Case You Missed It: May Moto News

You come to Cycle Trader to buy your next bike, sell your current one – why not come to us as your ultimate resource on all other things motorcycle?

To help keep you up-to-date with industry news, product launches, model reviews — we’re recapping the most significant cycle news stories in the month of May — just in case you hadn’t yet read about any of these interesting snippets in the moto world yet. Check them out and see which story do you think was the highlight of this month.

Struck by a car after a collision while bicycling on Italy’s Rimini Coastline, “The Kentucky Kid” passed away from significant cerebral injuries sustained in the accident. The sport has lost a legend.

According to a recent report from MCN, the country has made it illegal for children to ride pillion unless their size enables them to fit a number of requirements, such as their arms being long enough to wrap around the driver.

After presenting the new animal-friendly suit, the company was awarded with PETA’s Proggy Award for supporting animal rights. 

Erik Buell Racing, an American superbike manufacturer, will be closing its doors after continued business struggles and liquidating inventory beginning June 7th.

It’s been half a decade since Burt Monroe took his “Fastest Indian” to Bonneville. Now, Indian’s remaking a new “Fastest” for Monroe’s nephew, Lee Munro.

Image: MotoFire

The new plant has been noted as a good move for Harley, capitalizing on the potential of the Southeast Asian market.

The first phase of the restoration has been revealed by Suzuki, 
and you’ve got to see the results — they are incredible.

Details from a press release have confirmed the success of the model.

5 new color options have also been added to its repertoire.

Two friends — one a scientist, one a designer — have formulated an algae-based oil for fuel to power this unique, sustainable ride. 

Check it out.

With looks similar to those of a scrambler, 
the teaser has the Internet exploding, wondering whether or not MV Augusta should go down the tracker-path, 
as many other manufacturers have.

What do you think?


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