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5 Awesome Motocross Races to Check Out This Summer

Maybe you’re already a huge motocross fan, or maybe you’re looking to check it out for the first time this summer. Regardless, we’ve picked out our top 5 favorite races of the summer to help you decide what races you want to check out. 

1. Thunder Valley National – Lakewood, Colorado 6/3

Thunder Valley opened around 18 years ago just a few miles south of Denver, and has rapidly grown in popularity over the years. Originally planned to avoid excessively hot temperatures high enough to make the fuel in the motorcycles boil, this track was the very first to ever host an AMA Pro Motocross National at night, creating an entirely new experience for American MX enthusiasts. The track is lit up with countless lights, created an illuminated race that will bring thrills to any motocross fan. The faces are also typically streamed live via TV and internet, allowing long-distance audiences to enjoy the race as well. Scheduled for the beginning of June each year, Thunder Valley National is the first of our list and is coming up this weekend; if you’re a Colorado native or plan to attend, check it out and let us know what you think! 

2. RedBud National – Buchanan, Michigan 7/1

By far one of our favorite races, RedBud occurs every year over the 4th of July holiday weekend. In addition to this famed national, the RedBud track is known for hosting TORC series truck racing, ATV National Motocross, AHRMA Vintage Motocross, AMA Amateur Motocross Championship qualifier, and more. The location is renowned for its great atmosphere for growing amateur racers, and regularly scheduled daily events, so there’s never a boring day at RedBud, even when there isn’t a race going on. Along with an animated atmosphere on the patriotic race weekend, there’s also a patriotic RedBud holiday festival and fireworks at the end of the day… what more can you ask for when it comes to an all-American weekend?

3. Unadilla National – New Berlin, New York 8/12

For nearly 50 years, Unadilla has been a go-to for motocross enthusiasts all over the country. Over 160 races have commenced here, and the number of riders that have competed at this location exceeds 80,000. The location not only showcases motocross nationals, but also ATV nationals, a vintage racing weekend, and the GNCC series. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to visiting this New York racetrack. On your break to pick up food or a refreshment from one of the stadium’s vendors, take a walk in the interactive sponsorship village to check out the various sponsors of different riders participating in that day’s race!

4. Budds Creek National – Mechanicsville, Maryland 8/19

Scheduled each year toward the end of August, Budds Creek is one race you definitely don’t want to miss. The stadium offers free parking for motorcycles and a place to check your gear and helmet, so riding to the race instead of driving is a great idea. Located only about 30 minutes outside of the nation’s capital, the Maryland track brings refreshing breezes and mild temps from the not-so-far-off Chesapeake Bay. Races are typically pretty tight, with winners being the riders who can make most powerful jumps or turn the sharpest corner with the sharpest technique. All in all, this is a great summer race with numerous viewing and camping options available.

5. Ironman National – Crawfordsville, Indiana 8/26

A truly all-American race, the Ironman National takes place in the small town of Crawfordsville, just outside Indianapolis, Indiana. The almost completely flat terrain of the land surrounding the course can be misleading at first, but don’t let it fool you- the course itself presents with numerous elevation changes and some of the most rough and challenging obstacles of all motocross courses, including the infamous ‘Godzilla,’ an enormous uphill jump. Seating at this event is open-air and festival style, and the majority of the track is viewable from nearly every angle around the course. Onsite camping is allowed, and ‘Super Ticket VIPs’ gain the opportunity to enter catered areas with live scoring and recounts of race sequences. Ironman is by far one of the best race tracks we could think of to end an incredible motocross season!

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