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Motorcycle Laws You Didn’t Know Existed

It’s common for drivers to occasionally come across driving laws they’ve never heard, but did you know that there are a number of bizarre laws for motorcyclists, too? We’ve compiled a list of the most eyebrow-raising legislation out there so you will be in the know when you get on the road.

Motorcyclists may not wear costumes while riding. 

Well, more specifically – masks. In Virginia, motorcyclists are prohibited to wear masks, but you aren’t necessarily banned from wearing a costume that only covers your body, leaving your face uncovered. So if want to dress up like Batman, more power to you- perhaps just leave the Batmask for another time.

Motorcyclists have the ability to run red lights – legally. 

In Illinois, for example, if a municipality has less than 2 million residents, motorcyclists are permitted to treat the stoplight as more of a stop sign- yielding to other traffic before proceeding through the red light.

A motorcycle’s headlight must always be turned on- even at 12 in the afternoon.

If you’re in Connecticut and your bike was manufactured within the past 30-something years, the light must always be illuminated- even if it’s the middle of the day. The reason for this law may be to help riders remember to be safe not only at night but all the time, since their lights will already be on when ride at night or in poor weather.

If you’re a student in a motorcycle learning or endorsement program, you must always wear pants.

The state of Minnesota wants to keep students safe when it comes to their choice of garb – since shorts, shirts without longsleeves or riding without gloves don’t provide the proper amount of protection. Also, it’s important to note that this is specifically intended to have to do with students’ outfits while riding- not all the time.

Pop wheelies on the regular? You may want to think twice – in some locations, you’re technically considered a criminal.

While laws about wheelies are generally pretty common, there are a number of variations can be found across different municipalities — mostly having to do with the safety of bystanders and other riders or drivers in the area. If you’d like an example, the state of Maine has a great one with very detailed wording for clarification purposes.


Which of these laws do you think is the most surprising? Comment and let us know.

Also, check out this other information about interesting motorcycle laws from some of our partners.

  • To see more bizarre and interesting motorcycle laws, visit Rocky Mountain ATV/MC for an even more substantive, detailed list.
  • Be sure to check out AMA’s motorcycle laws database to keep up to date with rider legislation in your state by clicking here: AMA State Laws Database


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10 Responses

  1. Wearing pants is always a good idea, boots, also good. Most injuries happen from the feet up. With only the head injuries getting the most news.

  2. Wearing pants is always a good idea, boots, also good. Most injuries happen from the feet up. With only the head injuries getting the most news.

  3. I would have to disobey the "cover your face" rule in the winter. I will cover my face in two ways… one with a mask for dust which works great in the winter and a face shield on my helmet along with my windshield. They can do as they will but my safety comes first and ice formed from water from my eyes and nose hanging obstructing my vision and making me shiver all over is not my idea of safety!
    The rest seems right to me. I do forget my gloves on occasion.

  4. Going through a red light is also allowed in some states that use on-demandon-command traffic light systems, like NH. Sometimes the sensor might not detect the presence of a motorcycle and you may go through the red light after waiting a certain amount of time and if traffic allows.

  5. Seems like some (not so common) common sense stuff for the most part. I think the mask law should be reviewed as We need more protection and not less from increasingly careless cage drivers, the elements, insects, critters and sometimes seemingly insane combinations. Riding a big thumper dirt bike in the boonies is a great luxury to get all the cutting up done and then focus more on safety for on road/public. Yep, gotta wear pants and no mask messed up the halloween plans.

  6. My god some of your American traffic laws suck!
    Here in Australia (Google it in case you think I mean Austria) very few of those "laws" apply…
    Ride free! (Unless you live in the good 'ol USA….

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