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Revolutionary New Moto Technology You Need to Know About

Revolutionary New Moto Technology You Need to Know About
Here at Cycle Trader, we’re always on the lookout for new technology and updates in our industry. We’re here to keep you informed about revolutionary changes in the motorcycle world, and recently, we’ve come across a list of game-changing new developments we think you should definitely know about.

Adaptive motorcycle headlights

These unique headlights dynamically shed light through the darkness and can intelligently sense things like leaning corners, helping to eliminate dangerous blind spots as you drive.

Augmented Reality helmets

Helmets with Augmented Reality (AR) give you a 360 degree view of the road, helping you to have a better understanding of what’s going on around you, since bikes don’t have rearview mirrors.

Liquid-cooled engines

Say farewell to quickly overheating engines. These guys are much more forgiving than air-cooled models, taking much more time for heat damage to occur.

Computer-run motorcycle stability control

Stabilizing ride-by-wire technology gives a whole new meaning to ride customization, including potential features like cruise and traction control and ride mode selectors.

Bolt-on drum chargers

15-25% more power, torque, and efficiency? We can dig it. Plus, according to New Atlas, it’ll only cost you around a 10th of the price you’d spend on a turbo setup.

Helmet Sound Systems

This new product is pretty simple: a high-quality bluetooth driven concert, right in your helmet. No strings attached.

Self-tinting visor inserts

Issued by your command, these visor inserts tint themselves to adjust to brightness levels as you ride. With UV-protection and anti-fog coating, inserts like these are the answer to riders’ visual difficulties.

Touchscreen Motorcycle Glove Stickers

No more worrying about choosing gloves based on the ability to use GPS or answer a phone call – this stuff applies to whatever gloves you want, so you don’t have to sacrifice the quality and type of gloves that are right for you.

Motorcycle Jet Technology

This new development is definitely still in the works, but according to reports of Ducati patents filings, “adjustable nozzles capable of being fitted to the end of exhaust pipes to alter escaping gas into thrust” – much like powerhouse known to power supersonic jets.

Now, you tell us- what are your favorite tech-based motorcycle accessories? Comment below to share.


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