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Tips For Riding in the Rain

So these bikers pulled over to help a stranded motorcyclist…who it was will leave you speechless.

Bob Grigs, Dan Barkalow and Ryan Bailey (from left) of the Freehold American Legion - Monmouth Post 54 pose with Bruce Springsteen.
From left: Bob Grigs, Dan Barkalow and Ryan Bailey (Freehold American Legion) with Springsteen

This past Friday, a group of motorcyclists from Freehold American Legion were taking a ride around Manasquan after a Veterans Day event in New Jersey. They saw a man pulled over with a broken bike near Allaire State Park, and decided to pull off the road and help him out.

But as they got closer to the man, they started to notice something familiar about him.

“I just pulled over and got off the bike and said, ‘Hey, I think I know you,” Dan Barkalow, the lead biker of the group, told Asbury Park Press.

Image result for bruce springsteen motorcycle
Bruce Springsteen w/ Harley Davidson

The biker on the side of the road turned out to be Bruce Springsteen.

The legendary music icon couldn’t manage to get his bike to start. So he hopped on the back of one of the good samaritans’ bikes, and joined them for a beer while he waited for his ride. A Freehold native, Springsteen was described by the gentleman as being very ‘down to earth, regular guy,’

Crazy, right? How would you feel if this happened to you?!

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26 Responses

  1. …Springsteen huh? Eh, I would have rather run into a real American like Jon Voight or Robert Redford as opposed to a shill for Hillary Clinton but that's just me.

  2. To bad it was him it would have been cool if it was somebody who really liked America like ted nuggent maybe.

  3. All of these commenters sound really smart. Especially the one who lists Ted Nuggent. You must be about a 55-65 year old white male who lives in the midwest. In fact, all of you probabky are. Well, you've got your Trump America now? Why are you still so hateful and angry? Especially at Bruce. I thought the #1 rule of true bikers was "Don't be a dick!". Oh that's right, none of you are real bikers either. And sorry about your small cocks too. – Love, Mom

  4. The only good post is the last one, and probably true. I would've been honered to help a man like him out, and I am a real Harley riden biker.

  5. Why can't you people put away your jacked up politics? Who gives two shits about one's politics. I'm a Republican but being a Democrat doesn't make you a communist. He was a biker in need so you shut the fuck up and help. That's the way I have always rolled. Ted Nugent, really? You people truly suck that would leave a biker stranded

  6. Not everybody agrees on political a fairs .it's our right . He's a good man like most of us .he's a rider ,so he's a brother .yep I went trump .

  7. If You are a real biker ,whether you ride Japanese, American ,or other bikes ,and trikes we are all brothers . So get off your high horse ,and be Nice. Nick

  8. It does not matter what his political preference is, he is still an American.
    He is riding American iron. Of course that is probably why he was sitting on the side of the road.

  9. First off I am a combat veteran who has fought to preserve the freedoms of everyone (Foreign and Domestic),so everyone has a right to their opinion. But as as a fellow biker, we leave no man or woman behind.

  10. Helping a fellow biker trumps (no pun intended) looking at a person's political views. For those Trump supporters who are looking for their "pound of flesh," let it go. The election is over. . .

  11. I don't like Springsteen's political views but then again, the people I ride with don't agree with each other's views either. Differences make intelligent conversation (most of the time). I'm a conservative American Patriot and respect your opinion's, not your hate. Thanks to the guys who helped out a fellow biker. I would have done the same in a heartbeat. It's what we do. The guys bashing Springsteen can't be real bikers.
    Ride safe,

  12. "The Boss" should have left the politics and his personal views to himself rather than trying to influence an election. It is a fact that Hillary would have carried on Obongos agenda down the socialism road and none of you "bikers" would have seen the next generation ridi Harley's as they would have been sold down the river if they existed at all so those who called Bruce the sellout he is had it right. I wouldn't have given his sorry ass a ride either.

  13. All you "patriots" claiming to be conservative and supporting Trump and thinking that pansy Springsteen deserved a ride after proclaiming his undying hate for Trump who loves the country that gave him everything go trade in your Pink Chinese Harley's for a real one and grow a pair !

  14. WOW!!! Some people will find any venue to get their opinions heard. This article was about bikers helping a fellow biker. Who gives a rats ass what his political views are. If your MOM was stranded on the highway would you want someone to leave her there because they didn't agree with her political views? I disagree with my wife a lot of times but I don't hate her because of it. So people pull your heads out of your asses and remember this, WE ALL HAVE A RIGHT TO OUR OPINIONS, WE MAY NOT AGREE WITH ONE ANOTHER, BUT IF WE ALL LEARN TO HELP OUR FELLOW MAN/WOMAN NO MATTER WHAT THEY BELIEVE, THIS COUNTRY WOULD BE BETTER FOR IT.

  15. Politics trump all especially after this last election. Lines were drawn, sides were taken and now the casualties of war will ensue. All this hand holdiing and singing kumbaya bullshit aint gonna fly with the real patriots and people like you Nate G are exactly what's wrong with this country and why Hillary was nearly elected. Another four years of Obama's policies under Hillary and we would have turned into another Cuba or any other third rate third world country. If your mother had been attacked and this person tried to rape her and you saw this same person on the street would you do something kind for them? Bruce is that person. He sold his country down the road along with his reputation. Face those facts because they aren't going away anytime soon.

  16. OK mister, You are making this personal and don't even have the BALLS to put a name to your comment. I never said hold hands and sing kumbaya. I SERVED THIS COUNTRY AND NEALY GAVE MY LIFE FOR YOUR SORRY ASS SO DO EVER QUESTION MY PATRIOTISM. Get this straight, this country if falling apart from within just as the radicals are wanting because your sorry ass and people like you are always looking to pounce on your fellow Americans at every opportunity. Instead of wanting to go to war with yourself mister PATRIOT, why don't you help fight the war against the people who are trying to invade your freedoms that I FOUGHT to preserve?

  17. You didn't hear a word I said dumbass . I could care less what you did. It's what you said that makes you weak. Just move along, wear that helmet you claim to have worn in combat tough guy and grow a pair

  18. You didn't hear what I said, Put your name to your Comments NO BALLS. If you're going to talk shit own up to it.

  19. Nate you sound like you lost the argument which you did. Good luck with the meds and the PTSD. Sorry things went south for you. Best of luck !

  20. Only way a story like this gains any traction is by a PR firm making a few phone calls and setting all this up. ThIs was done to try to repair the damage done to Springsteen's reputation after backing Hillary and realizing all the toes he stepped on in the process. "The Boss" is still out there performing and probably will be for many years to come so this only makes logical sense ifhe wants to remain relevant. Just my 2 cents

  21. I'll definitely help anyone on motorcycle no matter the race colour, ethnic or political interests. Bikers are adorable people and the part of the code is Respect all who ride

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