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102 Million Mobile Purchases in 2014 & 54 Other Mobile Stats You Need to Know

Welcome to the mobile generation!  

Heidi Cohen, author of Actionable Marketing Guide, a website dedicated to simplifying tactical marketing tips, has put together a great guide to help us all embrace the new mobile generation. Her article, “55 US Mobile Facts Every Marketer Needs for 2015,” will help you see this as the year your inventory goes past just being digital. It’s time to make it mobile!

From Cohen’s article, it’s clear to see that mobile is here to stay. Those not embracing the mobile movement risk being left behind. It’s time to unchain yourself from the desktop and start getting all of those mobile leads that you’ve been missing out on!

As we mentioned in our January blog, $17.7 Billion Spent on Mobile Advertising in 2014, mobile advertising spend is growing and more advertisers like yourselves are spending their budgets on mobile. 

Here are a few exciting statistics that show how mobile advertising is taking over in 2015:  

  • $28.48 billion will be added to US mobile advertising budgets in 2015
  • 41% of print advertising budgets will now be spent on mobile advertising
  • 34% of TV advertising budgets will now be spent on mobile advertising
  • 32% of digital display advertising budgets will now be spent on mobile advertising
As a result of the rapidly growing mobile marketplace, shoppers are using mobile devices as a key factor in deciding what products they are going to buy. In the past year alone:

  • 81% of US mobile device owners researched products on their devices before making a purchase
  • 70% of all 145.9 million mobile shoppers made a purchase (That’s over 102 million purchases!)
  • 41% of shoppers bought a product in a store after researching it on a mobile device

It’s clear from all of the above facts that anyone who is looking to get their products in front of as many qualified buyers as possible will need to embrace mobile advertising in 2015. 

Don’t get left behind, use mobile to drive up your sales!  

Go mobile and get ready to watch the leads roll in. Call 866-871-6644 or contact your rep to start taking advantage of mobile advertising today.

To view the rest of the mobile facts from Cohen’s article, visit

Cohen, H. (2014, December 8). 55 US Mobile Facts Every Marketer Needs For 2015. Retrieved February 26, 2015, from


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