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Digital Camera Accessories for the Digital Rider: SteadePod

Written by: RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring & Travel

Here’s an old DIY trick turned into a product. In the Do-It-Yourself, version, a piece of string with a washer on the end is attached to your camera. Drop the washer to the ground, step on it, and pull the camera until the string is taught. The tension in the string helps hold the camera steady…not as good as a tripod but it may be just enough to stabilize the camera to get that low light shot. Here’s the “productized” version of the idea.

The SteadePod is for…
…people that can’t be bothered with a tripod
…ultralight travelers
…certain (but not all) low light situations

The SteadePod is not for…
…very long exposure photography


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