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Touring Tip: Packing Your Bike Properly for Touring

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Before going on tour, make sure your motorcycle is loaded in a safe and secure manner. Here are our top 10 “Dos” and “Don’ts” for motorcycle packing:

Do: Pack heavier items low and as close as practical to the bike’s center of gravity.        
Pack a lot of weight high and behind the rear axle.

Load saddlebags and soft luggage with equal weight on each side.
Don’t: Load more weight on one side of the bike than the other. 
Do: Secure everything tightly to prevent them from becoming entangled in the chain or wheels. 
Have any loose items flopping around in the breeze.
Do: Pack only what you definitely will need. A lighter and less bulky load is far better!
Pack everything you might need on the trip.
Do: Place lighter items in a tankbag and/or in a topcase.
Don’t: Place loads on your front fender or forks, which adversely affects handling.
Do: Use nylon tie-down straps that can be locked in place and won’t stretch.
Don’t: Use bungee cords to secure exposed items.
Do: Weigh items, including the riders, riding gear and luggage to make sure that Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) isn’t exceeded.
Don’t: Exceed the GVWR found in the owner’s manual.
Do: Pack smaller items that require quick access (e.g., credit cards, drivers license, maps, etc) in easy to reach locations, like a tankbag.
Don’t: Store things you might need during the day at the bottom of saddlebags
Do: Pack well ahead of your departure date, and do a test ride to make sure that all items are secured and the bike handles properly.
Don’t: Leave on your trip immediately after the bike is loaded.

Do: Check you load at every stop to make sure all items are still secured.
Don’t: Pack it and forget it.

Time invested in organizing your gear and packing your motorcycle properly will pay big dividends once you’re out on the road.


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  1. Proper packing of tour will really help you to avoid any mishap that may cause due to your negligence while packing. So you must follow the check list before going for a tour.

  2. I think its a nice deal for person who have not much resources to buy a bike. And also for people who want a bicycle during tours. Thanks for sharing. See it here

  3. Your post is very on-point and helpful. In my opinion, packing is fun but kinda frustrating, especially a long distant trip. Sometimes I make solo motorcycling trips and the packing is even more stressful for me because it's mostly likely that I over pack…

  4. I think packing in bike is not so easy for everyone but here in this post I have learned some special tips to do packing. It is very helpful post for the motorcycling trips. But this tips may be applicable for the mountain or hybrid bikes I think.

  5. Nice touring tips with a bike. Packing a bike is not easy, also a bike is very heavier. To make a motorcycle safe and secure I think these tips are highly effective.

  6. I know bike packing is very much in vogue at the moment, but could you do a series in bike touring (.inc camping) at some point? Feeling a bit left out! Cheers :)

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