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Employee Spotlight: Ryan Whitman Part II

By: Sean Dunn
Marketing Intern,

Ryan Whitman is the focus of our first employee spotlight post. He works in California as a web solutions consultant for During his free time Ryan enjoys racing in the amateur circuit. In this interview he talks about his amateur road racing experience.

SD:  I would say that is a very good reason to stick to the street.  What kind of training or practice goes into preparing for races?
RW:    Before a race there is always practice session before you go out racing just to shake down the bike, make sure the bike is set up properly and to get your mind used to going at those speeds.  Very rarely does anyone just show up to the race track and line up on the starting grid.

SD:  You said that you have been racing since 2008.  How many different race tracks have you competed in throughout your amateur career?
RW:  I’d probably say 5 or 6 different tracks in the southern California area.

SD:  Which track would you say is your favorite?

Pictured Above:  Ryan Whitman

RW:  I’ve got two favorites.  Buttonwillow Raceway up in Buttonwillow, California has been one of my long time favorites.  It has a good combination of technical and high speed corners.  And there’s a new race track out east of Palm Springs called Chuckwalla Valley Raceway.  It’s a brand new race track with prefect pavement and a great mix of corners, high speed and low speed, and change of elevation.  As of right now Chuckwalla is my favorite track.

SD:  Do you have any upcoming races?
RW:  There’s a group of us driving up to Colorado at the end of July to go to High Plains Raceway.  I’ve never been to that race track before so it’s going to be a great experience and a little bit challenging to go to a race track that I’ve never seen, learn the track and go out and race on Sunday.  

SG:  Now that you have been through the whole process and you are now a seasoned racer, do you have any advice for someone who wants to get into amateur racing?
RW:  First thing I would say is save your money because racing is expensive.  If you think you have enough money save some more because you’re going to need it.  Tires are really expensive.  But most importantly just go out and have fun.  If you’re going out to race to be number one and win the money that’s quickly going to fade.  If you’re out there because you love it and you enjoy the competition, you enjoy the camaraderie, you enjoy hanging out with the guys you’ll have more fun.  That’s what keeps me doing it.  I don’t do it to win or to be the next Valentino Rossi.  I’m out there because I enjoy the race track, hanging out with my friends and the competition of racing.


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