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The Golden Rule of Buying a Used Motorcycle

Last week we introduced you to Kevin Domino, author of The Perfect Motorcycle. Kevin is back this week to share more advice on avoiding lemons:

The Golden Rule of inspections is document everything! Write down the answers to the questions the seller is giving you, and everything you notice about the bike, the seller, and your reactions. Not only are you gathering valuable data for review later, you are much more likely to receive truthful answers if the seller sees that you are documenting their answers.

Another helpful hint: Bring a friend. Bringing someone along on your inspection can be very helpful for two reasons. The most important reason to bring someone along is as a witness. Having someone else along will help coax the seller to be more honest in the presentation and put you more at ease. When you ask the most important question, “Is there anything wrong with this bike?” having a witness is important to corroborate the seller’s representation, if you find defects that show themselves after the sale and if you need to take corrective action.

The other reason to bring someone along is that another perspective is invaluable. If your inspection teammate is knowledgeable about motorcycles, you can review your findings with them. If they don’t know about bikes, they can serve as a good sounding board for you and offer insights into the seller and surroundings that you might miss by being focused on the bike. It’s important that the person you bring along doesn’t distract you, though.

Performing inspections will serve multiple purposes.
1. The information you collect will give you a good reference point to compare different bikes for the rest of your riding career.
2. You will strengthen your negotiating position with the seller by demonstrating your expertise.
3. An inspection will also predict work and parts required to bring the bike to safe riding condition and highlight the costs to doing so, in the negotiations.
4. As important as the inspection is to determine the condition of the bike, you’ll be face-to-face with the seller to evaluate their motives and trustworthiness as well.

– Kevin Domino

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