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Cycle Trader Announces Launch of New Mobile Site

Cycle Trader has released a mobile site that puts more than 140,000 new and used motorcycles at shoppers’ fingertips. The new Cycle Trader mobile site can be located at

The new Cycle Trader mobile site allows shoppers to quickly find nearby motorcycles for sale and motorcycle dealerships. The search tool allows users to search for motorcycles by type, manufacturer, year, price and keyword. Users can also search for motorcycle dealers and have the option to include a manufacturer in their search which will only return dealers who carry motorcycles made by that manufacturer. All searches are based on the user’s zip code.

“We are so excited to provide consumers with an additional way to search the largest database of motorcycles for sale. Cycle Trader’s iPhone application already received over 25,500 downloads, a product we just launched a few months ago, but with our new mobile site everyone will have over 140,000 RVs at their fingertips,” stated Tim Custer, General Manager of Cycle Trader.

Once a motorcycle search is completed on the Cycle Trader mobile site users can then view a detailed description, photos of the motorcycle for sale, and email the seller or call immediately from their phone. When searching for dealerships users can choose to sort results by distance or by dealership name. The Cycle Trader mobile site also offers dealership contact options and links to view dealerships’ websites. A map function allows users to locate motorcycles for sale and motorcycle dealerships on Google maps with access to driving directions.

The new CycleTrader mobile site can be located at

Source: Cycle Trader


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2 Responses

  1. The CycleTrader iPhone apps is nearly useless since it is limited to those bikes that are within a 250 mile radius. Why not open it up to the entire U.S. – then it would be nice, but otherwise, its taking up space on my iPhone.

  2. Despite the limited area it can gain access to with the motorcycles, this is still a very cool and handy app. People still prefer to buy bikes that are closer to their area so that they won't have to travel all the way. Save the rides for later when everything is already arranged.

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