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The Buell 1125R for 2010

The Buell homepage features details on the 1125CR for 2010. According to Buell, the 1125CR is a modern cafe racer that combines the 146-hp, liquid-cooled Helicon 1125 cc V-Twin engine with the Buell Intuitive Response Chassis (IRC) to create a bad attitude bike backed up with exceptional performance.

Photo Credit: Buell

A new upright tapered aluminum handlebar adds comfort while transforming the ride from sport to pure streetfighter. Final-drive gearing optimizes acceleration for the street, and an upgraded front master cylinder improves brake feel.

Photo Credit: Buell

New graphics, bodywork colors, blacked-out components, LED taillight, rear turn signals, and a flycut ZTL2 logo on the brake caliper deliver style. A new engine cover sightglass for oil checks and a battery tender plug pre-wired into the wiring harness add convenience. The 1125CR model is now available in a new Artic White/Midnight Black color combination, as well as Midnight Black and Racing Red.

Photo Credit: Buell

Buell XB Lightning motorcycles, powered by a muscular air/oil/fan-cooled Thunderstorm V-Twin engine, are pure American street brawlers. New styling features include airbox cover graphics, LED taillight, and clear-lens front and rear turn signals. Lightning XB models receive an additional oxygen sensor with updated calibration for improved drivability and fuel pump that allows the cooling fan to run less, and enhancements to the front master cylinder for improved feel on the ZTL2 brakes.

Source: Buell


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