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The Contour HD Wearable Camcorder Records Your Motorcycle Adventure

Now you can be the star and director of your own HDTV motorcycle movie adventure with the Contour HD Wearable Camcorder.

The armored body of the Contour HD slides and locks onto a series of different mounts for your goggles, helmet, handlebars, or vehicle.

You can switch it on with a single oversized record switch (that you can use even when you’re wearing a pair of gloves) to shoot widescreen (16:9) helmet cam video. With a full 1280×720 pixel and 30 frames per second or record. standard definition helmet camera video at 60 frames per second (twice as many frames as TV quality video).

As an all-in-one wearable camcorder, ContourHD records to an internal MicroSD memory card to capture up to 8 hours of HD quality video.

Source and Image Credit: and Bikes In The Fast Lane


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3 Responses

  1. Thanks for the video post. I went to their website and checked out more and all of it looks great. It seems to be a great camera for a good price.

  2. Yes, I agree this is the best camera ever! I absolutely adore the Vholdr Contour HD! I went to Bike Week at Daytona this year and purchased it before I left from a website called and received Free Shipping. I really like the Contour HD since it is wireless and has many mounting options. It has a 170º wide angle lens and was really simple to use and set up.

    I would definitely use this cam to get the full wide view. I love using it to get the wide angles of my rides in the North Georgia Mountains.

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