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Ban On Dirt Bikes For Kids Due To Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) Could Be Lifted Soon

The New York Times and report an agreement has been reached between CPSC and motorcycle manufacturers over the impact of Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act(CPSIA) small motorcycles and ATVs for children.

Sales of small motor vehicles for children were banned by CPSIA due to new restrictions over lead content of bikes. Motorcycle industry members, and even the young riders themselves, say the ban is an overreaction because most of the lead in kid’s bikes is contained in the sealed batteries.

While the New York Times and report that an agreement on “Stay of Enforcement” is in the the works, the, a site set up by the MIC to address the CPSIA issue reports this:

Waiting for CPSC to publish proposed stay terms. We will review and respond. Based on what has been written to date, the CPSC recommended stay would be temporary and not address all issues and thus not a permanent solution. The only permanent solution is for Congress to end the ban once and for all by amending the CPSIA.

Here is a video provided by the MIC with professional riders, racers, MX Champions and World Class athletes talking about the impact of CPSIA.

Source: Motorcycle Industry Council, The New York Times, and


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