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Electric Bike By BlueShift Motorcycle Offers Over 200ft lbs of Torque

Here are images of a new electric motorcycle recently introduced by BlueShift Motorcycle Co. “Ever wonder what over 200 ft lbs of torque at any RPM feels like?” asks the BlueShift Motorcycle website.

Here’s a statement from BlueShift about this bike.

The most exciting thing about our motorcycle is that it is a game changer. We are going after the throat of gasoline performance motorcycles. Watch out Harley V-Rod, be careful Yamaha VMax, get out of the way Honda VTX. The performance of our electric motorcycle meets or exceeds the gasoline equivalents.

BlueShift Motorcycle Co. isn’t just releasing an electric motorcycle, we are releasing one hell of a torque monster motorycle that isn’t simply some play on being electric. You twist the throttle on this bike and you feel like you are sitting on the business end of a fighter jet.

In addition we have a few other things up our sleeves…some technology not found yet on any motorcycle (gasoline or electric) that gives riders special options for customizing the look, feel and performance character of the motorcycle and communicating with other riders.

Source: BlueShift Motorcycle Co.


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5 Responses

  1. Big deal!

    Why do I have this opinion? Simple! So many small entrepreneurs are coming up with super cool electric fuel alternatives, only problem as per usual… Capitalization. I don’t see George Soros volunteering any of his multi-billions to jump in the nationwide dealership programs, of any alternate/alternative fuel vehicle/motorcycle period.

    Because of undercapitalization, production cost will have to remain very high, most assuredly keeping all out of the average Jane/Joe’s garage! So, people, have fun reading about these super bitchen breakthroughs that seemingly come out by the week. For all I view it as… is well, a readership grabber.

    My contribution to the abyss…

  2. I have the same opinion as Mr. Bowen. By the time the bike gets into production many compromises have to be made. What you end up with is a $20,000 electric motorcycle that gets maybe 100 miles per battery charge. Not a deal by any standard.

  3. I agree with above poster. Unless it’s made affordable to the average rider, these are nothing but pipe-dreams. Great design and I applaud their in-sight but for the asking price I could put a healthy down payment on a larger house.

  4. The BlueShift motorcycle is predicted to go from 0-60 mph in under three seconds but no information is available as to whether this is a theoretical number based on modeling or actual test results based on an existing prototype.

    Venus Factor review

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