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Tips For Riding in the Rain

Honda Prepares To Unleash The 2010 Honda Fury reports the mysterious 2010 Honda Fury is set to debut at the New York International Motorcycle Show on January 16, 2009.

There has been speculation that Honda Fury is a hybrid motorcycle, but says early photos suggest otherwise.

What is Honda saying? Honda has set up, a site that features a countdown till the Fury’s debut. There is nothing about the actual motorcycle now, but there are some loud noises and very scary images of snarling animals, breaking glass, and explosions.

Watch if you dare.



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  1. The ovreall look of the bike is HOT!!! But that 3.2 gallon tank has room for improvement. Widen the tank! It could easily be expanded to 4+ gallons by widening the upper portion of the tank and giving the somewhat “narrow” look of the bike a more beefy image without adding any significant weight to it.

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