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Tips For Riding in the Rain

Twist The Throttle Premieres On Discovery HD Theater January 5th

Twist The Throttle, a series that takes a close-up look at the top brands of sport motorcycles, premieres on Discovery HD Theater starting Monday, January 5th.

Each episode of Twist The Throttle travels the globe to focus on a single brand, offering a behind-closed-doors look at the design, building, and testing of sport bikes.

According to, Twist The Throttle is shot in spectacular 1080i high-definition and 5.1 digital surround sound to take viewers directly to challenging racetracks like Kawasaki’s Autopolis on the island of Kyushu and Honda’s top-secret proving grounds in California’s Mojave Desert.

For the first time ever, outside cameras were permitted on Yamaha’s private test track, Fukoroi, in Hamamatsu where two of Yamaha’s newest sports bikes were put to the test.

You can watch other Twist The Throttle stories featured on

You can learn more about Twist The Throttle producer Dylan Weiss at his motorcycle blog Twisting Asphalt.

Here are the Discovery HD Theater Air Dates and Times:

Monday, January 5th 10PM HONDA
Monday, January 12th 10PM DUCATI
Monday, January 19th 10PM BMW
Monday, January 26th 10PM KAWASAKI
Monday, February 2nd 10PM SUZUKI
Monday, February 9th 10PM MV AGUSTA
Monday, February 16th 10PM BIMOTA/ALPINESTARS
Monday, February 23rd 10PM YAMAHA

Source: TheKneeslider,, Twisting Asphalt, Cry Havoc Productions


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