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Milwaukee Art Museum Presents The Custom Motorcycles of Ron Finch August 26–31

The Milwaukee Art Museum website features details on the presentation of The Custom Motorcycles of Ron Finch—on view during Harley Davidson’s 105th Anniversary Celebration, August 26–31.

Ron Finch has been building choppers since 1965, when he opened Finch’s Custom Styled Cycles, and has established himself as one of the premier builders of our time. A fusion of function and whimsy, Finch’s innovative motorcycles are truly “art in motion.” His bikes have been appreciated by art lovers in several museums and art galleries and in shows throughout the United States and Europe.

Ron Finch, Outspoken, 1993.
Chrome moly frame; Gas & oil tanks, air cleaner cover made from Corvette side exhaust covers.
The Finch Collection, Pontiac, MI.

According to Milwaukee Art Museum, the Bikes by a Discovery Channel 2004 Biker Build-Off champion will roll into downtown for the presentation during Harley Davidson’s 105th Anniversary Celebration.

Coupled with the archival photographs of Detroit biker Jim “Flash” Miteff, the exhibition celebrates the customized motorcycle as an American icon of 1960s counter-culture and a pinnacle of artistic design. Visitors can park their bikes beneath the wings to see it during extended hours Thursday–Saturday, August 28–30, when the Museum is open 10 a.m.–8 p.m.

Ron Finch, Finicky, 2006
Twisted offset frame that showcases the extended fins on the heads; Finned gas tank under the seat. Finch sculpture handlebars, fenders, primary, floorboards and exhaust
The Finch Collection, Pontiac, MI

Installed among the white arches of the Santiago Calatrava-designed Baumgartner Galleria are 12 of Finch’s chrome masterpieces. Among the featured choppers are two of Finch’s award winners, Odin’s Axel and Double Cross, both finely crafted creations of intricate rod work and metal fabrication. Built from rare parts such as Corvette exhaust covers and hand-built frames, each of the bikes bares unique stylistic touches.

Source: Milwaukee Art Museum


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  1. yuk how many more of these antiquated chrome and pwder coated pieces of crap are we going to have to endure,lets just take a bunch of aftermarket parts give them 30 coats of ‘house of colour’candy apple something, avoid putting anything with proven success(ohlins,a reliable modern engine)on the bike give it some weird name and say it was built by a guy that met arlen ness once in a sizzler bathroom and finally give it the mandatory high 5 figure price tag and its own episode on the lamest tv channel in the world,next to fox of course,these arte the same morons that have the nerve to ask me when i pull up to a spot on my 2009 Ducati848 ‘hey,why did you not by a real bike’

  2. I have been a big fan of Ron Finch since he moved from downtown Pontiac to the shop he has today. (I think it was 1970-71) Anyway, I would like this email to find it’s way to him. I know he has always been the king of trikes, he’s original, and the right person to create my vision, a transverse mounted V8 powered trike. ( or a Fierro trike) I would enjoy any response to this idea.
    Gary Jackson
    Denver CO

  3. I havea bike that ron built back in 1999 and let me tell you what this bike draws alot of attention where ever you take it ,it was called the outlaw bike,it is one of a kind and i just love to ride it,very unique and ridable bike i would like ron to see it as it is today, if you would like to see pics.shoot me an e-mail to [email protected]

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