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LoJack Recovers A Motorcycle From Thieves Four Times In One Year

Bike thieves are craftier than ever when stealing motorcycles. Thieves move so fast that a motorcycle can be stripped down to spare parts before the police have any chance of finding it.

LoJack’s site features the story of a New York City surgeon who has recovered his Honda Motorcycle four times this year from thieves. Each time LoJack came to the rescue.

According to LoJack…

After walking out of a movie in Yonkers, N.Y. on a recent Sunday evening, a surgeon realized that his 2006 Honda CBR 1000 motorcycle was stolen from the theater parking lot. Soon after contacting the Yonkers Police Department, the doctor’s motorcycle was quickly recovered thanks to LoJack For Motorcycles. As a result of the timely recovery, his motorcycle was still fully assembled and only suffered minimal damage to the ignition lock.

This was the fourth time the owner had his motorcycle stolen by thieves and recovered using LoJack For Motorcycles in the past year. He had two motorcycles stolen prior to the 2006 Honda CBR. Neither bike was outfitted with a stolen vehicle recovery system and neither was ever recovered.

“I have a lot more peace of mind knowing that my bike is constantly protected. Even my wife said, ‘don’t worry about it, LoJack will get it back for you like

Source: LoJack


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