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Rucker Performance 2008 Predator bike

The Rucker Performance website features details about the 2008 Predator Model.

Ever since the famous 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger film, it’s hard not to hear the word “Predator” and not think of a mean space alien with dreadlocks who hunts humans for sport. The Predator bike clearly did not come from outer space, but it would fit nicely with a collection of skulls.

According to Rucker Performance…

Rucker Performance is proud to introduce the 2008 Predator model. Building on the traditional look of V-Twin’s 2007 Custom of the Year, the Predator, features a re-designed, hand-built frame, new billet swingarm, re-designed oil tank,gas tank and rear fender for a more contoured look.

The Predator’s redesigned frame will now be built in house, which will change the profile of the bike appearance making it flow seamlessly from front fender to the newly designed rear fender. Lowering the placement of the oil fill on the redesigned oil tank also enhances the smooth appearance of the new profile, as does the new shape of the gas tank. The billet swingarm will be available in three finishes to complement the new design: polished, painted or chrome.

Although the profile of the bike is changing, the high standard of Rucker Performance is not. “By building the frame in house, we will be able to offer better quality bikes to our customers. The redesigned profile of the Predator serves to enhance the performance and ride of the bike,” says Erin Rucker, Chief Operations Officer of Rucker Performance. The Predator will be debuting in the 2008 model line up of Rucker Performance motorcycles.

Built in the spirit of raw adrenaline drag racing, the Rucker Performance Predator boasts standard features such as 300-rear tire, polished S&S 124 cubic inch engine and right-side 6- speed transmission.

Source: Rucker Performance


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