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105th Anniversary Harley-Davidson models

2008 marks the 105th Anniversary of Harley-Davidson. To celebrate, Harley-Davidson is offering special models.

In 2008, Harley-Davidson enthusiasts across the country will revel in the Motor Company’s 105th Anniversary with parties, rides and special events. To note the occasion, Harley-Davidson will offer 14 models with a special package of 105th Anniversary features, including exclusive paint and accessories. Production of these motorcycles will be limited and serialized.

To preserve the exclusivity of the 105th Anniversary Collection motorcycles, each will be produced in serialized order. On all models, the 105th Anniversary serial number will appear on a special badge mounted on the motorcycle.

“Harley-Davidson has a long and proud tradition of observing Company milestones with unique motorcycles and big parties,” said Bill Davidson, Director of Motorcycle Product Development. “The 105th Anniversary motorcycles provide something extra-special for those riders who want to celebrate and remember this anniversary in true Harley-Davidson style.”

The 105th Anniversary Harley-Davidson motorcycles will feature an exclusive, two-tone paint scheme in shimmering Anniversary Copper and Vivid Black, traced with orange and pale gold pin striping.

Some models will feature cast aluminum wheels painted in Gloss Black. Seats and pillions on these bikes will be finished with a special copper-colored vinyl insert. The 105th Anniversary motorcycles will be identified with a copper Bar and Shield tank cloisonné and 105th Anniversary badges on the air cleaner and timing cover inserts.
Source: Harley-Davidson


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