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Rucker Performance gears up for Shelby Motorcycle production

Rucker Performance is getting ready for production of the Shelby Motorcycle.

According to Rucker Performance…

The Rucker Performance manufacturing facilities are shifting gears as production begins on the Shelby Motorcycle. In January, Shelby Automobiles, Inc., and Rucker Performance announced plans to build “The Shelby”, a limited production Carroll Shelby/Rucker Performance motorcycle, which debuted at the Cincinnati V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati, Ohio, on February 2, 2007.

Twenty five collector motorcycles are now available for purchase from Rucker Performance, each numbered individually and complete with Rucker Performance’s signature custom paint. So far, five numbers have been claimed by individuals and dealers.

While the Shelby name is an American icon, the appeal of the Shelby Motorcycle is worldwide.

Two of these exclusive Shelby bikes will be traveling over 8,000 miles to debut in Russia through the dealership Custom American Motorcycles, LLC. Alexis Rezvi, owner of Custom American Motorcycles, LLC, put down a deposit as soon as he could to reserve the specific numbers he desired. Nationally reknowned motorcycle attorney Russ Brown also jumped on the opportunity to own the collector motorcycle. After years of working in the industry, Russ Brown has seen a range of motorcycles and is looking forward to owning such an exclusive bike.

Rucker Performance’s Chief Officer of Operations, Erin Rucker comments on the popularity of the Shelby and the recongnition it has brought to the company. “We continue to see the growing demand for the Shelby bikes and are excited to begin production. It has been an honor to work with race legend Carroll Shelby and his team.”

Source: Rucker Performance


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