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LoJack reports 67% of motorcycle owners at risk of theft

LoJack Corporation recently released the results of an online “Fitness Test” geared to gauge the risk of theft for motorcycle enthusiasts. The online survey, a part of LoJack’s ongoing education initiative with the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), revealed that a full 67 percent of motorcycle owners who responded to the survey are at a high risk for theft. More than 1,800 respondents participated in the 10-question Motorcycle Theft Prevention Fitness Test on the LoJack website during the months of July and August 2007.

The Fitness Test revealed that the majority of respondents were at a high risk for theft because they are not taking necessary precautions, such as securing their bike to an immovable object when parked in a lot or garage, and arming their bikes with theft deterrents (alarms, kill switches, etc.) and recovery systems. Respondents did score well, however, when it came to applying good common sense theft protection measures, such as parking in a concealed area at home, parking in a well lit area in a garage/parking lot, and never leaving keys on the their parked bike.

The survey results come at a time when motorcycle theft rates are on the rise. According to the most recent figures by the NICB, 71,523 motorcycles were stolen in 2006. Motorcycle theft has risen a full 137 percent since the year 2000.

Source: LoJack


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