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Tips For Riding in the Rain

Will motorcycle noise laws affect sales?

New laws cracking down on motorcycle noise are giving bikers headaches. Laws limiting motorcycle noise are being passed from New York City to Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

The problem is the laws are not the same all over. Some laws limit the range a motorcycle can be heard, others punish bikers who rev their engines in certain areas. reports that motorcycle industry insiders worried that inconsistent laws are confusing bikers and could hurt bike sales.


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5 Responses

  1. Some of us motorcyclists are our own worst enemy. We insist on showing off – how fast, how much wheelie, how loud etc – our motorcycles are. Never thinking about the many other non motorcyclists who know nothing about our sport except what they see and hear. That is a shame as one bad incident can ruin it for all. If everyone would step back and think about the overall effect their decision makes and how it can (and does) influence it for the rest of us, maybe just maybe –

  2. I like some noise, but most Harleys are just rediculously loud and annoying.
    Sorry, these things soumd like crap,not cool. Its like comparing a cherry bomb to a Flowmaster: they’re both loud, but the flowmaster souinds way better.

    I’m a rider, but I’d like to throw a brick at some of these bastards as they drive by my house at 2am…

  3. And they have to keep goosing the throttle as they sit at a stop sign or red light??? Is the bike such a piece of crap that this needs to be done to keep it running??? This is the message you send which also makes it look like you don’t know what you are doing.
    No, its not a “biker” thing. Its a “I have no respect for others” thing.

  4. Ever hear the expression, “Loud pipes save lives”. Yes some people take it to extreams. Others like myself use that “Noise” to make sure we are seen. Rev the engine just a bit and people turn their head. Just like most things in life it only take a few idiots being inconsiderate and excesive to create a bad view of ALL riders by the majority.

  5. Must be you don’t have the money or the intelligence to know that Harleys are the best on the road …Oh and have you ever heard of a dictionary….I really don’t think you know how to have fun or is it jealousy????????????

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