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Is popping a wheelie a form of reckless driving?

When a cycle rider pops a wheelie, is the rider just showing off or endangering others with irresponsible behavior? Like helmet laws, wheelies are another motorcycle issue where bikers and lawmakers sometimes clash. features a story on legislation under consideration by the Tennessee General Assembly that would classify wheelies as a form of reckless driving.

Law enforcement officers can already pull over a rider for popping a wheelie under current laws, but new anti-wheelie language in the laws would make the rules stricter.

What do you think? Do you think anti-wheelie laws are a good idea? Leave a comment and tell us your opinion.


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4 Responses

  1. I just got a ticket for a wheelie tonite in California. They marked it as a Misdemeanor and Reckless Driving. They wont let me pay a fine I have to go to court in 2 months. It was not even a good wheelie demn it…

  2. I’ve just paid severely for a wheelie I did on a nearly desolate road here in California. Off duty cop saw me doing it wrote my plate down and BAM! Basically, cost me $2000 in lawyer fees to get a 2 year summary probation, $700 fine, charged with a MD 2 points, and now I have a criminal record. I did a wheelie and now I’m a criminal? Our justice system is screwed up! Murders, sexual offenders, and thieves get away every day! Yet, a simple wheelie endangering no one smacks down on a tax paying individual who contributes positively to society! I have lost all respect for the American judicial system.

  3. Man they got you guys good. But I had a friend in CA that just did a wheelie on a cuve and couldnt steer went up over a curb and smashed his head to the ground broke his neck and hit a telephone pole and killed him, On a Busa. So please keep both wheels on the ground, please, I want to keep you around so we can ride together someday. Or you could ride something so slow that it doesnt pop wheelies, like me!
    Motorcycles Good, Cars Bad. Nitro

  4. I think wheelie are a form of reckless driving,if done in traffic or around the public. wheelie can be done on a back road or where dirt bikes are ridden.

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