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Motorcycle helmet laws debated in Missouri

While Missouri is one of 20 states that requires a motorcycle rider to wear a helmet, some lawmakers and bikers are planning to change that.

The Rolla Daily News reports on the the push by memebers of the Missouri State House to repeal mandatory motor cycle helmet laws.

Bill HB155 would allow motorcycle riders over 21 to legally ride without a helmet. While supporters of the bill praise it as a win for personal freedom, opponents say that repealing helmet laws will only lead to more deaths from accidents.

What do you think? The issue of motorcycle helmet laws is hot topic in states beyond Missouri. Is safety more important than the personal choice of motorcycle riders?

Would you ride without a helmet if it were legal in your state? Leave a comment and tell us your story.


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9 Responses

  1. I live in Missouri. While I do not agree with a law that forces me to wear a helmet, I would never ride with out one even if they do change the law. I have been down three times due to no fault of my own. While the helmet was never even scratched in any of those wrecks I know what can happen and just how fast it can happen. I think that anyone that rides without a helmet is a first classs fool.

  2. I thought I’d never motorcycle the same way without the wind in my hair. I like ride non-helmet, and feel the wind whip through my hair while conquering the open roads. I met a riding buddies on recently. We are planing to ride next week. You are welcome to join.

  3. I would agree with the California helmet law if the statistics hadn’t been massaged to get the law passed.
    I rode for 30 years with the “option” to wear one or not and used one if weather was bad or if commute traffic and my common sense dictated so.
    On country roads during the hot summer dys where no one travels extensively I opt to not wear one

    With the “law” the option has been removed and freedom of choice is gone.

  4. Although riding a motorcycle can be dangerous, it should be the riders choice to either wear a helmet or not. After-all, there is no seat belt on a motorcycle, there is no mandatory windshield or other safety features that are in a car. As a motorcyle rider for over 40 years, in order to maintain a level of safety, you must scan and predict an accident when riding. I know from experience, when riding, my awareness level is at a maximum and as long as you ride like every sun-of-a-bitch is out to get you, WHY WEAR A HELMET. IT SHOULD BE A BIKERS CHOICE, just like drinking, voting or going off to war.

  5. Personal Freedom, is really what this is about…After all, it’s my head and should be my choice….We don’t require pedistrians to wear protective garmets, even though they could be injured by cars etc….Where does it stop, freedom requires individual responsibility…I don’t need the gov’t. to mandate or protect me from myself and own choices…I believe we need to return to common sense and responsibility…too many lawyers have made everything someone elses fault…example: ever seen the number of warning labels on an electrical extension cord today?

  6. i chose not to wear a helmet on 6/21/1987…i am typing this with my nose as a result of my decision that day….

  7. While it is true as an adult it is our personnel choice to wear or not to wear a helmet–the truth is we all have to pay when this person get involved in a Motorcycle crash resulting in a head injury. In FLorida one is only requried to carry a special/separate motorcycle insurance valued at $10,000. That can be used in less than 3 days of intensive care. Who will take up the tab? You guessed it the tax payer. Lawyer fees, Police response, Medical (including but not limmited to ambulance, Helecopter-if that person has to be live flighted and the fees that go along with that,emergency room, hospital stay, rehabilitatioin) and permant social security-if that person can not work again. Your decision just became my problem. Dont beleive it is true visit and look at that part on helmets. GO to a hsopital rehab center and ask ablut the motorcycle injuries and those who did not wear a helmet and did not get the proper training. There is not a sinlge motorcyle training class on the planet that will tell you not wear your helmet. GET TRAINED-WEAR YOUR HELMET-BE SAFE!!!

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