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The Shelby Motorcycle fuses the power of legendary cars and custom bikes

Here are some pictures of the high performance Shelby motorcycle, developed in partnership between the Carroll Shelby International Inc. and Rucker Performance: a leading designer and manufacturer of custom American muscle production motorcycles.

The Shelby motorcycle rivals the power to weight ratio of the famed Shelby Cobra 427 S/C.

How did this combination of automotive power and custom bike come together? Here’s some information sent to us from Rucker Performance.

“It’s no secret that stuffing a powerful American motor into a lightweight chassis has been my formula for success,” noted Carroll Shelby, CEO of Shelby Automobiles. “Working with Bill Rucker and his team, we’ve taken this same approach on the new Shelby motorcycle. My team at Shelby Automobiles has worked closely with Rucker Performance to create a motorcycle that offers the same thrill as driving my Cobra.”

Fellow Texan Bill Rucker is famous for building spectacular two wheeled motorcycles that are among the most exciting vehicles in the world. He is Founder and CEO of Rucker Performance, a manufacturer of high performance American muscle and chopper motorcycles.

“We built the ultimate American high performance motorcycle,” said Bill Rucker, President of Rucker Performance. “From the initial design to the innovation of new parts, every aspect of this motorcycle was created with that goal in mind. It’s a lightweight, fire-breathing ride that’s as inspiring as the four wheeled vehicles that wear the Shelby name.”

You can read more about the Shelby Motorcycle on the Rucker Performance site.


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