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Controversy in Virginia over motorcycle helmet law

Should laws demand that bikers wear a helmet? The debate over helmet laws is a hot topic in several states, such as Texas and Arizona. reports The Commonwealth of Virginia is also dealing with the issue of helmets. House Bill 3077 in The Virginia House of Delegates decriminalizes riding a motorcycle without a helmet, lowering fines and demerits on a biker’s driver license.

Bikers who ride without helmets are subject to a fine of up to $250. The new bill would drop the fine to $25.

What do you think? Should bikers have to wear a helmet or not? Is freedom the issue…or safety? Leave a comment below.


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16 Responses

  1. In Pennsylvania there is no helmet law. The lack of this law saved Pittsburgh Steelers’ quarterbackBen Roethlisberger’s life. That is according to the investigation into the accident. The only reason that I know of this is because he is famous. How many not-so-famous people are alive today because of the laws of physics combined with the lack of a helmet? They have also been shown to save a life but in America everybody’s life is their own, right? How can you fine somebody for supposedly endangering their own life?

  2. Let’s see, the last time I checked, suicide was against the law in the U.S. I have no problem with those who do not wish to wear a helmet–they get to go to the front of the line for fatalities-waiting-to-happen. Here’s another thought for these macho guys: they ought to be able to ride barefoot, too. Why not? Same difference. –ab

  3. I always ride with a full-face helmet, even in July. . .here in Florida. That said, no government should require a helmet. Wearing a helmet (or not) is a personal choice with very personal consequences. However, I do think that private business CAN weigh in on the issue–insurance companies should place a helmet clause in the policies that they write. If riders disagree, they should find a different insurance company or pay higher premiums. I guess I feel that each person should choose whether or not to wear protective gear when riding, but I don’t want to help foot the bill for a rider’s head injury the next time I pay my premium.

  4. Glad to see we have some good comments on this subject.

    Thanks to everyone for posting. We can always use more opinions. If you have a comment on helmet laws, post it here anytime!

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  6. Let’s see, the last time I checked, suicide was against the law in the U.S.

    Wha is the punishment for committing suicide?

  7. Come on….. DONT BE REDICULOUS.. Riding without shoes… YOUR REDICULOUS.. It is not the same as not wearing a helmet.
    You go to the front of the line and say that so everyone can hear you.

  8. before buying a bike it should be mendatory to take the MSF course and have proper equipment. A helmet is not only a safety it is a life saving device .If you do not want wear a helmet you should be ban from riding. The time of HELLS ANGELS is finish.Olso how mutch cost funerals for your familly? jl

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  10. Yeah, I get the chicken-shit side of helmet laws. Often in the past & even today the “fogging issues” the scope of our view, the sun’s reflection breaking-off from your visors, all do limit much, all is seen as a drag, while yes the scratches, your breath, all make helmets a true pain “n” our collective behinds. I’m known by friends to be nothing less than a rocket-man, full on. The fact is I hated “them” back in the 70’s. Today, yes I feel like an ass not to use one. Not a chicken either. That sounds good BBQ’d, but I worked about 31 years in ER (big deal don’t care what others think of my life as it’s been I might add…how I think) but I’ve tried my best to save some true ass-bites, macho asses. I mean I’m all for freedom (it’s documented) but in today’s traffic, cut-yourself some slack-jack. I feel the suicide post is sort of BS too. If you, if anyone wants to go out in a blaze, or a flash of glory more power too them. But, it’s not violence towards oneself, feel this too is a bit of BS (good point, but not real). So while I get it, I just don’t agree with this comment. I rode barefoot & without a shirt, or helmet for well over..well more than one decade, Body armor: without it now I feel like a fish out of water. Yeah, fine but not at issue or whatever others feel is right is often my truth, it’s just real. Regardless (a big wow) it’s as if what? Violence against myself, ourselves that make us who we are today, doubt this one too. What makes you a man has nothing ot do with any of this stuff, while for me to be a man, whatever all think, it not this at all. I made choices in life, to ride one. So for me I’ve just done most all imagined, guess I realize today the good side of polar opposites known to exist in life. Do what you want: it should be no one’s job to protect us from ourselves, but thanks for anyones concerns. One should dictate all to another, forever regardless, don’t buy it (sounds like the brain police to me). I am for all said in some view or another, but without proper safety Equip., well today you’re looking at issues most of us likely would laugh about. I know all I’ve done in life, never in fact all true (good luck if half is the truth) but I do know that many of us feel strongly about personal stuff, the stuff that’s real to us, and it is in lieu of the bigger view of societies needs, what BS. I guess I am afraid of little, this is because I love much, live my life to the fullest measured imaginable, so I do care a lot for all, for my friends, love a good rumble. I’d like to not end-up a para-whatever, & being spoon-fed. Not my trip. I do get the risks..some may not? Well you know the drift, most of us do see the truth, or sort of got it down deep inside of ourselves. We all sort of get it, eh. I’ve laid down many a bike by choice, due to the options facing me. I imagine I’m not the only man that’s ever jumped over 50 feet, a big wow.. Big deal, except it nearly killed me (& I’m rarely into violence against myself, intentions other than this one. I never saw a thing in this light. So less likely has ever been thought as if I was directing much against myself, that’s really a very funny idea, sort of odd to me. Maybe too much brain-power in this comment for me. I guess I get your point too, (yeah..). In the quest for a perfectly controlled society & existence, OK (not my ideal) we all have to make compromises, our own choices, but guess I just never have looked at all sides as a matter of fact,looked at chicken dung, I don’t..perhaps I should take a closer look, HA. I don’t rate people, yes at times I felt similar. It’s all, or often that we seek to win (that’s the deal, the driver at times) so yes, I understand the challenge, while I understand others opinions too, hey..they’re important. Be good to your bad self! Happy New Year!

  11. You laid a bike down by choice? What kind of a moron are you? You obviously don’t know how to ride and it sounds like you’re a “Mr. Tuff Guy” so you probably didn’t have a father. Anyone who preaches to NOT wear a helmet is just a backwoods inbred idiot….but we all appreciated your loser oponion.

  12. holy shit, man! U just took up almost 3 pages on my computer screen, and u didnt even really say anything. U kept switching from side to side, like u couldnt make up your own mind. And ud say things like, “I dont agree with the suicide oppinion” WHICH SUICIDE OPPINION? THERE WAS TWO OF THEM Ur not too swift are you?????

  13. Bottom line is that if you wear a helmet, you have brains to protect, and if you don’t….well…do the math,if you can.
    And yes, if you get in an accident and recieve ANY head injury while not wearing, you should have to void the right to sue for that particular injury.
    Unless you can predict the future, wear the helmet. And please, no excuses for not using…you really have none!!! Its not your riding skills in question…its the other idiots out there we need to worry about.

  14. Bottom line is that if you're seriously worried about crashing, you wear a bright colored helmet, and also gloves, reflective leather with armor, string your bike with lights and a roll bar. Otherwise you should have to void the right to sue for injury.
    Unless you can predict the future, wear all the gear. And please, no excuses for not using…you really have none!!! Its not your riding skills in question…its the other idiots out there we need to worry about.

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